Dear Suzanne

I should have married you ten years ago. I should have left my wife and children and come to you. It was what we both wanted. But I was so busy trying (but failing) to be honorable and moral and noble that I let you go. Big mistake. Huge mistake. Horrible mistake. And now? You are all I think about. Every day. I don't think about my wife. I don't think about your friend Valerie or any of the other women I've had. And I don't want to be with anybody but you. And I don't love anybody but you. I'm sorry. If I had a time machine, I would go back to the day we met. And everything that followed would be about you. Only you. I love you. I'll always love you. Always.

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  • Pitiful. Suzanne has SOOOOOO moved on. You aren't even an afterthought anymore. Give up this pointless quest or crusade or journey you're on. Grow the f*** up!!!

  • Step one, leave your wife and kids. Let them find a better male role model now. Step two, go for her. You don't have to f*** it up for everyone involved. Be mature and end the mistake of a marriage so the healing for them can begin, then go after your dreams.

  • She's a w****. Clearly. Why would you want to marry a w****?????

  • It's true that she's the best f*** in the history of the entire world, but that doesn't make her a w****, does it?

  • She really sounds extraordinary. I hope the two of you find a way back to one another. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  • You mean youd actually leave your own children for this b****? F*** you.

  • If you knew Suzanne, you'd feel different. I promise you. She is a wonderful woman, and she's an unbelievable lay. Best ever. You would happily give up ANYTHING in your life to get with that. She's amazing. And perfect.

  • ^You're a douche. You're having some dumb mid life crisis and you think someone else is going to fix your pathetic life. Suzanne doesn't want you after you've been with her friends. She has a man who takes care of his responsibilities, not just leaves them for something he thinks is greener. You should leave your wife and kids..they would be far better off without you.

  • Actually, I've only been with one of her friends, and it was before I met Suzanne. In fact, it was by dating her friend that I met Suzanne. My marriage was a mistake. The friend was a mistake. Only Suzanne was right. And I miss her every day.

  • Be honest: you've f***** more than just one of Suzanne's friends, haven't you. Well haven't you??

  • There was a time after Suzanne and me started dating that we broke up because I said I was going back full-time with my wife. So we weren't really dating then. During that time I did have flings with a couple of her girlfriends, but they weren't at the same exact time, and I stopped flinging with them when I went back to Suzanne as lovers. It was complicated but it wasn't exactly while I was involved with Suzanne.

  • See? I knew it!

  • I love you too. Cant change the past, so let's just be happy with the present as the future still remains unknown.. Xoxo

  • I would love it if Suzanne and I actually did get back together in the future. The very NEAR future. What I feel for her is real, true love. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • 'Oh Suzannahh oh don't you cry for me.. I've come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee'

  • LOL. But there should be a song about this Suzanne, and the fact that she's a walking wet dream.

  • Then why not make a song..and sing it too..

  • That's overrated. I've had an entire album written about me and its creator is STILL too cowardly to both grow up and claim me.

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