Wife's greatest fantasy

I use to come along with my wife whenever she goes to our daughter's school. From bringing our 1st grade daughter to school up to joining school programs where my daughter was to participate. As school days passes my wife got to meet friends who are also mothers to our daughters classmate. There are two particular moms in which my wife got to be close with and most of the time they would plan or discuss whatever their daughters and sons need for any school activities or projects. Since I often go with my wife to school I also had the chance to know them also and even got close to them. I would say that we had built a little circle of friends already by that time. However, most of the time I would just sit beside my wife and barely get into their conversations and would just comment if needed or asked.
There come one night when me and my wife were talking in bed which we usually do whenever we go before to sleep at night. My wife confessed me on something that involved to of these particular close moms she got close with. My wife told me that there were one time when they were 3 of them talking about their relationships with their husbands they somehow came to the topic sexually related. One of the moms named Chloe confessed that she seldom have s** with her husband as most of the time that her husband was so busy managing their business and often before the day ends her husband would rather prefer having a drink with it's cousins and some of his workers. Ended up drunk most of the time and would go flat deep asleep in bed. As for the other mom named, Lei. She confessed having a difficult marriage so far as she caught her husband who was working overseas having a relationship with another girl. Lei hasn't seen her husband for 3 years already and still counting. I asked my wife, "So what was your confession to them?". My wife told me that she confessed to the other 2 moms that fortunately we were in good relationship, both emotional and sexually. My wife even told me that she also shared to them that we would have 4-5 sexual activities in a week. I got shocked with what my wife told me and curiously asked her what was their reaction to it. My wife told me that both Chloe and Lei got naughty and asked for more details about it. It even came to a question asking how big was my c***. I got h**** and asked my wife eagerly, "So what did you tell them?". My wife answered me, "Of course I would tell them exactly how big your c*** is. I even pictured it out using my hand for them to see how it measured." I got so h****. I came now to a question that would confirm my doubts and curiosity and asked my wife how did the 2 react to it. My wife told me that they were speechless and hadn't said a word buy obviously in awe and amazement, she noticed.

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