From Africa to America for Love and Education

After I turned 20,my parents sent me from Africa to America for college. I did not have s** for the first year and a half,because my parents had cautioned me against messing with American women. Then one day,at a bar,a separated fine white woman adored me,and took me home to her apartment.It was the first time I had s** with an American woman, or a white woman for that matter. I had my d*** sucked,and I sucked p****, for the first time in my life.We dated for about a year.

That gave me confidence to seduce women,or be seduced by them. My foreign accent helped tremendously-Jungle Fever was hot then. The marital status,race,looks or sexual orientation(Bi,lesbian) of the woman did not matter much;I was an equal opportunity f*****.I have since slept with hundreds of women, and I am healthy with no STDs. Thank God.

I got married and divorced a few times. I am Blessed with two kids with an African American woman,and two with a black African woman. Unfortunately a few other women had abortions,. I desired kids with white,Hispanic,or Asian women, but I have never been able to get any knocked up.

I did accomplish my college goal,by getting many degrees.I became an American citizen, and only visit Africa for vacations.Life is Good.

I know I will get many hateful comments here,but that would not change who I am,where I come from,what I have done,where I am, or where I am heading.

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