The Deep Secrets of Women

Some women on this earth have secrets that they have kept to themselves deep in their hearts and minds. A long term female friend once told me that she had a baby with her husband's best friend,said nothing to either of them,making hubby think, by default,that the baby is his.

I want to hear of the secret you have kept to your self,that would probably cause you much harm, embarrassment,discomfort,or whatever, if people who know you knew about it. In other words,the secret is safe only if shared anonymously.Sharing is caring!

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  • My boyfriend think's there were only four guys before him, it's more like twenty.

  • my husband know i used to be a stripper....its where we met at the strip club....but he dontknow i used to trick....i think if he find that out he might could eventually be ok with it....but i dont think he would ever get over it if he knew all the sick depraved s*** i used to do with the men i f*****....all of what i did was nasty but alot of it was dark too....when i think about some of it now it just makes me wanna vomit....what was i thinking....i'm the momma of 2little girls now....i shouldnt have all this past i gotin me and all these memories i keep having more and more....and they shouldnt have a momma who has done all this filthy s***....and my husband shouldnt be married to somebody with a secret history like i got.....nobody can never know...............

  • Are you regretting the past? Sometimes in life, we do what we have to do! What are some of the acts that make you want to vomit? Do your best for your family, regardless.

  • My husband and I are in a socializing group with four other married couples who all go to dinner together, and concerts, sports events, and do charity volunteer work. We also go to church together. For the past couple of years I've been involved in an affair with one of the men in the group. I can't tell you he's hung huge or anything, but I can tell you that this man knows how to hit my spots. All of them. Damn! Just thinking about him makes me wet! It's an incredibly risky relationship, but that's a large part of its thrill. To your point, if the people who know us knew this, we'd blow up at least two marriages (maybe more), and cause a huge scandal at church. Can't have this getting out, so promise me you won't tell!!!! LOL!

  • Thats quite a huge group to keep such a secret from. How come none of the members have figured out what has been brewing between you two? How do you manage to be so discreet? How did the whole affair start? I agree that if you were to be discovered, the four marriages will suffer damages in varrying degrees. How did he get so good at hitting all your right hit spots? Am happy for you though, and promise not to tell anybody. Worried you can get pregnant? Enjoy the love,fun, and lustful o******.

  • It started at his wife's birthday party in July 2015. She got drunk and passed out on the sofa. After everybody went home (including my lazy husband), I stayed behind to help get her to bed and the clean the house and deck. J.P. and I had a nightcap after, and we just . . . started. :) We are very careful because we have to be. I'm not sure how he figured out how to f*** me so well so soon after we'd begun; all I can say is that he is the most sensual and sensitive lover I've ever had and he pays soooooooo much attention to my body that he knows me better than any man ever has. Don't get me wrong, when he decides to hit it, he can hit it hard, and really just tear it up, also better than any other man I've been with. He's really just the complete lover. But you? You must be psychic or something. It's really so odd -- so very, very, VERY odd -- that you mentioned pregnancy. I've been on the pill since before I turned 15, but lately I've been thinking about getting off my pills and getting pregnant again, this time by J.P. (my affair partner). I've not breathed a word of it to him (or anybody else, obviously), and may not go through with it, but I have been fantasizing and daydreaming about it. Mostly fantasizing . . . :)

  • For the whole time i been married to my white husband i been the slave of black master who domanates me. one of my bridesmaaids introduced me to him 2wks before my wedding and he been in control of me ever since that night. i love him. my husband dont know and my parents dont too. my husband and my parents are both prejudice and they would all s*** if they knew i was in love with a black but even more so if they knew any of the things he does to me and how much he runs my life and uses my body.

  • Can you please share with us some of the things he does to you, or how he uses your body? How have you managed to keep husband from knowing about the affair?

  • Myhsband trust me completely. i am really careful not to let him find any of it out. my master does with mewhatever he wants. so whatever he asks i do. he likes to spank me while he f**** so i let him and i keep asking him for more. he even really will beat my ass while he f****. i have to cover up that ass at home so my husbnd dont see the bruses that i get sometimes. he f**** me in every position you can think of. whatever he wants. he takes me to swinger parties and puts me in the middle for others to take turns on. lately he has been sending me to make love with some of his friends for money. it makes me feel so dirty but at the same time so good that so many men would pay so mucch to f*** me. it doesnt happenvery often so its not like i'm tricking or whoring. my master is the best and he makes me feel so beautiful and so special and so desired.

  • One year, our family was on vacation at the beach (our three young kids, my husband and me) and while we were there I had s** with a businessman staying at the same hotel. We did it on three nights in a row and nobody ever found me out.

  • How did your family not know something was up? Women are so creative!

  • He had his room on a different floor, so it was easy for me to leave the beach in the late afternoon and go back to the hotel while everyone stayed behind, or to say at night that I was going for a walk on the beach and just go up to his floor instead. You're right: a woman who needs to f*** will find a way to f***.

  • Last year my husband's father died of an aneurysm at the age of 57. What nobody knows is that he and I had been having an affair for the nine years before that, the entire length of my marriage to his one year. I feel like I am actually his widow because I loved him more than his wife did. But I am also VERY happy that he didn't die in my house, or in my bed, or between my legs.

  • I feel bad for your loss.May he RIP.He did you good and it sounds like you dearly loved him.

  • Sometimes when my husband is out of town on work I dress myself up really sexy and drive 45 minutes to the next town over and I go to a bar and let myself get picked up by a stranger. My husband doesn't know and none of my friends know what a w**** I can be. Anonymous s** is wonderful. And I love all the cheating.

  • Women like you make the world a great place for men like me. Whats the most fun you have ever had with a stranger?

  • The bar I go to is an upscale establishment, and it's right across the street from a business class hotel, so there are usually a lot of businessmen in there on any given weeknight. As a result, I frequently get invited over to the hotel by somebody in from out of town. One night, this one guy got the idea that I was a h***** (it may have been how I was dressed and the filthy language I was using LOL, or maybe it was the fact that I was rubbing his d*** through his pants on the dancefloor) so he offered me $500 to go over to his room in the hotel and I took it! That made me feel so sexy and desirable and just so good!

  • It's a horrible, stupid, and embarrassing cliché but when I was working as a babysitter I had an affair with one of the fathers I worked for.

  • Tell us more please

  • I had babysat for his kids occasionally during the school year, but then in the summer I started staying almost all of every day (I was too young for a regular job). My dad would drop me off on the way to his work, and then the father of the kids would drive me home at night. After just like nine days in that summer we actually became a couple. We started going into a park and making love in the car on the way to my house. Then sometimes during the day he would come home at the kids' naptime and we would make more love. Then for the last month of that summer he got us a room at one of those extended stay motels, so we had more time and didn't have to be quiet at all. And that was good because I am not quiet AT ALL. :) The staff there knew we were a couple and they loved us! Some of it was the age thing, but mostly they all could just tell we were in love and they were happy to see us every day. We stayed a secret couple during the first part of the next school year, and still tried to hide behind me being their babysitter so we could make more and more love. But then at Christmas that year, he bought me a gift that was waaaay nicer than he bought his wife, and even though we didn't tell anybody who gave it to me, his wife started to get all possessive and paranoid and prying, so we had to be chill. NOT making love to him as much was the hardest thing ever in my life, and eventually I needed to get a job where I could make more money than they could pay me, so we had to stop the affair. We still made love sometimes after that but it was never the same after we had to stop f****** constantly. We both just LOVED f****** constantly. I still believe we were meant to be together, and that we SHOULD be together, and that I should have babies for him RIGHT NOW, and the s** with Jack was the best I ever had. And it was also the best HE ever had. We were the best couple in the history of couples.

  • I'm a 28mwf and in my life I have had s** with seven different men in order to get a job or keep one.

  • Very kinky

  • I allow my husband and my parents to think that I'm racist like they are. I don't actually say I'm prejudiced or anything, I just never have told them what I believe. In reality, I like black people. And to be honest, there are some black men that I fantasize about. I wouldn't ever do anything to act on my fantasies or bring them to life, but I still have them.

  • You are such a sweetheart.Stand up for whats right. Just date one of the guys you fantasize about just to kill the devilish ways of the rest of your family. Best wishes.

  • You and me really think a lot alike. In my fantasies, I think that my rationalization or justification for making love with black men would be as a kind of offset for "the sins of the family". I would be a sort of counterbalance. :) I've never even cheated on my husband with another white guy, not even one time, much less with a black one, and I doubt that I would ever cheat, but a girl can dream...........can't she???

  • Yes, a girl should always dream n find a way to make her wildest dreams come true !

  • I watch p*** and kissed a guy and i know im not supposed to

  • Why are you not supposed to kiss a guy?

  • Two summers ago I went to visit a girlfriend of mine from college. While I was there, I f***** her husband while she was away at work. It wasn't planned. It just happened. Every day.

  • What led to the spontaneous f***? Are you still in good terms with gf?

  • I wish I could say it was a real dramatic thing, but it was actually just one of those typical things. My girlfriend -- his wife -- isn't into a*** s** AT ALL. She will give up the ass sometimes but she's never happy about it. But I am totally ALL about the a***. Once he found that out, he couldn't stay away from me, and when she got out of the room he would come over and slide his hand down the BACK of my pants or shorts or skirt or whatever and start f************ my a****** like a madman, and then lick his fingers in front of me. He's nasty but I love it. And when she would leave the house, it was always nonstop a***. It was fine with me. I love the feeling of having a married man inside my body. It feels like there was this huge competition between his wife and me ......... and I won it. I feel that way every time I f*** a married guy, but especially when the wife is somebody I know. As for his wife, yeah we are still on very good terms and she has no idea what her hubby and me have been doing. The cheating is just such fun, isn't it?? :) I only get to see him now maybe twice a year but I love him coming to me when he should be with his wife. It gives me the win!

  • "The cheating is just such fun, isn't it?? :)". I agree totally.

  • I so totally know what she means about the competition. I'm dating a married man right now, but I also date occasionally, and the guys I date are also married. I love the way it feels to have a man leave his wife and family and come get in my bed, on top of me, and between my legs. Yes!!!! IT REALLY IS WINNING!

  • How did you get started on this erotic path?

  • The first guy I ever dated seriously was a married man who was friends of my parents. I knew his wife and his kids (the children were around my age) and I have to say it was thrilling to be in that situation. I didn't think it would feel that way at first, in fact I really thought the fact that I knew his family would make it harder, but from our very first official date I could feel that high, better than any drugs. Every time he called me or came to pick me up or met me at school or took me on one of our special dates, I just felt he was expressing his love for me in a very very very very very very REAL way and that it was more real than any love he could possibly show for his wife and his children. He loved me more and he wanted to be with me more and he needed me more than any of them or all of them. And every time we talked or made love I was winning. That's not a feeling that a girl ever gets over or ever gets enough of. I love married men, and they all love me. And the harder they pound you, the more it means that they love you in that moment.

  • ......been dating my boyfriend for almost a year.....been f****** his best friend almost that makes me feel like a w****............the friend treats me like a w****......... I like feeling like a w****................ if my bf found out he would break us up and he would probably beat me too and i would deserve it.................but i love f****** the friend.......actually i love f****** both this way........if i had to pick one i would totally pick the friend.......

  • Good for you. How did you get started doing both of them? Do you do the friend in the same bed you do the boyfriend?

  • .....started one night last summer......were out drinking with a big group of boyfriend was not there......... i say to nobody inparticular that i'm so h**** i could s***.......everybody laughed................few minutes later...... the friend leans over and tells me "i can help you with that problem you long as you promise not to s***.....or ever tell anybody". i let him fix my problemthat nite.....and he's been fixing my problems ever since....................and doing that like 10 times better than the boyfriend......
    and yes i f*** the friend in the same bed as my boyfriend.....he insists on it......and i totally love the thought and feel of being f***** there by him knowing that i sleep there with my boyfriend when we stay there.....

  • Before I married my husband, I was a professional dancer. He knows that. But he doesn't know that I later became a topless dancer. And then a nude dancer. And then a bachelor party entertainer. And then an escort. Thankfully, I never did p*** (although I had plenty of opportunities), so there are no pix or vids around to prove what I was up to (I was up to some really, really, really raunchy s***). But because of what he does for a living, he would never have married me. And if he found out now, he would surely divorce me. I moved far away from where I worked at that time, so I only rarely encounter any of the men who knew "the old me". My husband and I had dinner in a restaurant a couple of years ago, and one of my former "clients" was there. The man recognized me "from somewhere" but he couldn't place me (it helped that my hair is no longer blonde, and my husband has never seen me as a blonde). I lied and said I'd never been to that city before. He left and my husband was none the wiser. I was extremely lucky. I hope my luck holds out.

  • That was a close call. Why would hubby divorce you because of your past if you been good to him?

  • I've been very good to him. VERY good. But he is a preacher, and he also teaches two days a week at a seminary about 75 miles from us. His reputation couldn't withstand being married to a tramp and a prostitute. But mostly, he would divorce me because he would think I lied to him about myself. I was very careful not to tell him ANY lies, but he would think they were lies because I didn't tell the whole truth. He loves being married to a woman with the skills I have, but he wouldn't love being married to a woman with the experience I have.

  • You are awesome.Sometimes the truth destroys.Keep it deep in you and far away from him. Thanks for telling us.I know you feel relieved.

  • I was a bridesmaid at one of those God-awful "destination" weddings several years ago. We were all there for four days, and became bored out of our minds by lunch on the first day. First night while we were drinking, all the bridesmaids put together a betting pool of money to be awarded to the first one who could f*** the groom by the wedding day (that was the cut off). I won $250. The bride never found out. They are still married, but they have had a very rocky marriage. If anybody else found out, it would be a huge mess. So far, the bridesmaids have all been tight-lipped, which is unusual for women of any age.

  • How were you able to accomplish such a feat?

  • How did you manage to accomplish that feat?

  • Easy.........martinis. :)

  • I'm 23swf and I am deeply involved in an affair with my female boss's husband. If anyone finds out, it will be a horrible scandal in our company and in our city, and he'd lose his family, and I'd lose my job. I don't know how I got in so deep, but I know this: I can't get out now. He is my life.

  • How did the affair start? How come you cant get out now given all the repercussions?

  • It started innocently. I was an intern at this company one summer and then they hired me for the next school year and I went to work for Deanna. I just met him at the office and we became more and more attracted to each other over time. We started making love that October but even then we both said it was just a physical thing. But by Christmas we were having an actual affair. It wasn't just a fling anymore. The reason I can't get out is that now I love him. Real love. True love. I can't live without him. It bothered me for a while that he was married. I don't even care about that part anymore. But when I really think about the fact that he is married TO MY BOSS and the horrible explosion it would cause if anybody ever knew (it would be on the news) I get really depressed. My friends and my parents think I'm either gay or just weird or emo or something because nobody knows he and I are a secret couple and everybody thinks I just stopped dating in high school. I used to "go out on dates" sometimes just to keep up the appearance but I can't stand sitting across a dinner table or bar table from a guy whose only thought is getting in my pants that night. It's just a horrible waste of life to spend time with men who aren't Ted and who don't know how to take care of me. No, I can't get out. I know I should get out. But can't get out. Ted loves me. And he knows just how to f*** me.

  • Any plans for you to have his kids?

  • OMG!!! How did you know that I have been thinking about that???? Yes that very thing!!!!! I would so totally and completely LOVE to begin having his children and it wouldn't matter to me even if he stayed with Deanna. BUT.......I would want to have FOUR of his children because she only had two for him, and if I had four then not only would I win but I would have doubled her. I want him to always look at me and no matter what he's thinking for him to realize that I am TWICE as good as her in his life. He already says I am twice as beautiful and a hundred times better in bed. Ted and I have never talked about beginning a family even if it started or always stayed illegitimate and I would be afraid to raise it directly because I would be afraid that he might feel like I was going to play trick and trap. And then he might go find a younger girl (with implants, of course) who would f*** him all the time but who wouldn't talk about kids. EVER. But still......when we are out somewhere (which is NOT often) or watching a movie in bed I will often point out pregnant girls, or girls with their babies, and say how cute they are or how beautiful the girls are or how sexy a pregnant girl can just look sometimes, hoping that he will catch my thoughts and start thinking about ME in that same way. I want him to think about me in that way. I want him to start knocking me up. I want his babies. I want to have way more than Deanna has.

  • Well,stop hinting or beating around the bush. The next time you are with him alone,hopefully this week,simply tell him that you want 4 kids from him, because you love him,and that you have no plans to trap him. Once you get the first one,3 more will follow. Most readers would love to hear your progress. You deserve to be a mom and you gonna be a great one to his 4 kids.Best of luck.

  • Deep down, I hate most men and their weak moral characters. I hate society for making excuses for them to exploit women and children. I'm not saying women don't do this too (they should be shot) but the majority of them are men. I'd love to round all these men up, arm them, stick them on an island and see them kill each other like the monsters they really are.

  • Really? What did nen do to you?

  • I have stole money from my best friends moms purse and I did it probably maybe 6-7 times and got $20 each time. I stopped after that. And I felt awful. I only stopped when my friend told me her mom thought somebody was taking money from her, because I was afraid that the mom would blame the daughter when it was me in actuality.

  • Trust me the mother knows it was you! You blew future trips and opportunities you don't know about yet - hope it was worth it J***

  • All my girlfriends are super freaks - I'm the boring one ;)

  • The second and third of the four children I've had during my marriage to my husband were actually fathered by his boss at the time. My husband has no clue. The boss knows but will never tell our secret.

  • How did you get started with the bossy?

  • First time was at the office Christmas party about 14 yrs ago. Hubby and I had one child at the time, and his boss and I had been lightly flirting with one another for several months. Finally, I got enough booze in me and when he started to flirt that night, I called his bluff and told him to put up or shut up. Told him I wanted his d*** in me, and guess what? He put it in me. Took me into an empty room at the banquet hall where the party was being held. Gave me the f****** of my life. Told me right then that he would be back for more and I would be expected to provide more. Had no idea how dominant he was, or how good he could f***. He got transferred 5 yrs later, but not until he'd knocked me up twice . . . on purpose. Jesus! I loved that man. Still do. And I still love his d***. If he called me tonight and said to divorce my husband and fly to him, I'd do it immediately. G****** that man could f***!! And even better, he knew how to eat a f****** p****. F***!

  • Where did he go that you cant find him this day and age? Did he try to support his kids in anyway? I know you are very discreet about the whole thing.

  • Sorry, guess I misled everybody. Still see him but only like once every couple of years. Him and his family moved like four states away, and he hasn't been back to this branch office of the company ever since. Used to f*** me about five times a week. Sometimes seven. Nasty f*******. NASTY f*******. God he was filthy. I know where he is. Just can't get on him. G****** I want that d*** of his every day. He would support his kids and he offers still to do that. My husband can provide. Couldn't explain the extra money anyways. So its not like the boss did me wrong. Not close. Gave me exactly what I needed. And wanted. And hungered for. And loved. Yeah........we were both sooooooo good at being discreet. Nobody ever knew a thing. person did. The secretary he had while he was here knew about us but she was cool the whole time. And she was heavy-lez so it wasn't like she wanted his big d*** instead of me having his big d***. :)

  • You such a lucky woman:)

  • I married a man just so I could get closer to his brother. I wanted the brother, and eventually we did start an affair that has lasted for my entire marriage. I would divorce my husband and marry his brother in a f****** HEARTBEAT, but the brother won't leave his wife and kids. He's eleven years older than my husband, so my prayer is that when the children are grown and gone, he'll reconsider my place in his life and elevate me to "wife" instead of "mistress". I actually do love my husband, but I love his brother MUCH more. Thanks for opening this thread.

  • How old are you or your kids with hubby? When do you get time for Brother in law?

  • I'm 31 (almost) and been married for 6 years. Hubby and me have one child. I want more, but I want them with his brother. I keep praying that when his kids are grown and gone (the youngest now is 14) we'll be together permanently and I can have the children I want: his. He won't knock me up while I'm still married to his brother, and I won't have anymore of my husband's kids. It's very hard for us to find ways and times for us to make love, but we are both motivated so we make it work. I know he's also f****** a young girl who has her own place (where they can f***), so she may actually get more of him than me, but he doesn't love her. I said before I was his "mistress" but since I'm in second place behind the young girl at least time-wise my girlfriend says that she's actually the "mistress", but I don't care: I love him and he loves me.

  • You are a woman,therefore,resourceful and creative. Are you seriously saying that you can't get knocked up by your brother-in-law because you lack time and ways? Since you no longer want to have hubby's kids,you might as well let his brother do it because you desire kids with him. Just get off the pill,have s** with him on ovulation days and the rest is history. But I know you know what to do and how to it. Waiting for BIL kids to grow up is a bad idea.

  • Waiting is not something I'm good at, but he won't agree to knock me up now. If he would do it now, I would totally let him. Like, right now. Today. But he won't knock me up now: I just hope that when his kids all gone he'll have a different perspective. I was saying its hard for us to find the time and ways to spend time together alone for s**, so it doesn't happen as often as I want it to. If I got off BC he would knock me up for sure, he c*** so much. :)

  • Just let him knock you up this month and assume hubby did it.

  • I've actually given thought to that,believe it ornot.But I want the brother to WANT to give me a baby not to be surprised by it,or to put myself in a positionwhere I cant say to him that its hisbaby.I soooooo want his babies but I want him to want me to have them.

  • You are a woman,I know you can easily make him want to give you a baby. Work it:)

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