Old times part 2

So the next week we went back over. All I could think about was s**. Everything was just a time filler in my mind. What would happen tonight? Was it a fluke?

So we had spaghetti for dinner. After the food had settled we got out some beers and drinks and the cards and started playing. Everyone was dressed in pajamas. It had only been about an hour into playing cards. We were all pretty buzzed already. Aimee said, "I'm gonna go outside and smoke." That sounded odd because we smoke in the house. Either way, I say, "Yeah, I'll join you. You two wanna come? (To Derek and Sarah)" They both said no.

Aimee was leaning against the railing of the porch. I was leaning against the house. She had on black silk pajama bottoms and a tshirt with no bra. I said, "I like those pajama bottoms. They show off your ass." She had a fabulous figure. She said, "Why thank you. Glad you like it." I said, "Got on panties underneath?" She pulled her pants down off her ass showing that she had no panties on. I said, "Wow. Very nice." She said, "You want some?" I said, "Some what?" She backed up and started rubbing her bare ass against my crotch. She said, "Some of this." I said, "For years." She said, "Well, pull your c*** out and f*** me then." I said, "What about those two?" She had reached behind me and was stroking my c***. She leaned over and looked in the screen door. She said, "They aren't coming out."

She pulled my shorts off. Yep. Right there on the porch. It was around 9:30 at night. She backed up and bent over. Her p**** was soaking wet. It slid right in. Felt so nice. Not too tight but not loose. I grab ahold of her perfectly round ass and start pumping. She starts moaning. I said, "Let's go around back so they don't hear us."

She briefly pulls up her pants. We go around back. She has a picnic table. She takes off her pants and puts them on the table. She bends over and pulls up her shirt. Her big firm b****** are slightly hanging now. She says, "Come on daddy. I wanna feel you inside me. I haven't c** in weeks." I grab her ass and start f******. Her b****** are bouncing as I f*** her. I said, "Play with your p**** baby. I wanna hear you c**. She starts fingering her c*** as I f*** her. I'm not gonna make it very long. It just feels too good. A few minutes later she says, "Oh god. I'm gonna c**. Are you close daddy?" I said, "Yeah baby, I'm close." She said, "Oh my god. I'm gonna c**. Oh god. I'm c******." She is moaning. I'm about to c** now. I said, "I'm gonna c** baby. You want me to pull out?" She said, "No. Leave it in. C** in my p**** baby." I start pounding her p**** and then I c**.

We rest for a few minutes and then she stands up. She puts her pants back on and she turns towards me. She kisses me. Tongue and everything. She says, "Thank you daddy. I needed that bad." I said, "We should go back in before they wonder what we are doing."

We go back around front and walk in the door. We walk back to the kitchen where we were playing cards. Low and behold, there is Derek naked in the chair and Sarah naked in his lap facing him. They don't even see us. Sarah is moaning loud. She's arched back and strumming her c*** like I've seen her do a hundred times. Aimee says loudly as we are walking up, "What are you two doing?" Derek's head spins around and sees us. Sarah does a second later. He said, "Oh s***. Honey. We uh." Sarah said, "Honey?! Uh. We can...oh god I'm almost there. Don't stop." Derek turns his focus back to Sarah. She starts to c**. Then he moans and he starts to c**.

After that the two of us act like we are slightly disappointed. Derek said, "What were you two doing out there? It was like a half hour." Aimee said, "Looks like we had the same idea. Couldn't have planned it out better." Sarah said, "You two were out there having s**?" I said, "Yep." Sarah said, "Goddammit. You two are so mean!"

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