And yet another ISIS terrorist incident

I am so disgusted about the recent murders in the Pulse gay nightclub in Florida, which was done by another piece of s*** Muslim scumfuck who plead allegiance to Isis before doing his unspeakable deed. 50 people were killed and 53 were wounded. They are saying it's the worst mass killing in us history. Those who were killed were my brothers and sisters, being that I'm an openly bisexual woman. There is no punishment that is suitable for this hateful act. I know some people don't "approve" of our lifestyle but this is an act of hate towards all Americans. We all need to stick together against these Isis f******. They'll stop at nothing to try and destroy us because we are not Muslim. Hey, they even kill their own kind! These evil f****** hate everybody. Cowards. They would be nothing without their stupid "gang" and guns. Nothing. I don't like Trump as much as the next non racist person but he is right about deporting these scumbag Muslims. Get them out!! They preach hatred of the West in their stupid mosques! Someone should go undercover in there and record what's being said. They loathe us Americans deep down, and our free lifestyle. It's not perfect here, but it sure is better than where they are from!! GO BACK, you evil Mohammad loving m************!!!

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  • How many people have gays killed by passing on AIDS?

  • He should be given the Presidential Medal of Honour for eliminating scumbag freaking gays.

  • It had nothing to do with isis or islam, that was an excuse.
    He was a closet homosexual who saw the people in the club living out in the open and being happy. He either couldn't live openly or couldn't come to grips with being gay.

  • One solution to ISIS terrorists.
    Have them bombed and end their stupidy.

  • ISIS is an organization set up to make you afraid so your freedoms can be taken away. Stop the hate, stop the fear, stop being brainwashed. Any explosion, accident, etc can happen at any given time. These events are happening to scare you so the US can take away more freedom through martial law. Do not believe ANYTHING you read. Question, question, QUESTION every bit of info you get. Masses are being brainwashed into hate and fear. Stop. Now.

  • Maybe plot to get trump in they knew about him...

  • Total agreement. Amen.

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