Was so h**** i cheated

Few weeks ago, for a reason i wont say (because it may give me away) i was driving home on my own after dropping someone off, at 3am and really needed a wee, but really weirdly i found myself to be really realy h****, i pulled into a garage station lorry rest spot few miles away from home on the hope that i could use garage toilet, that was closed so i went up to the concreate toilet hut in the lorry, the womans and disabled was closed so i went in the mens as i though nobody was about, sat down had my wee n then a voice spoke, i knew id been caught but had a good excuse, so can out protesting the ladies was locked n he straight up asked if i was a working girl as in a h*****, i said no rather insulted but flattered at same time because i really wasnt at my best, he said shame i thought i was in luck, before i could think i said to him, "but i am h****" now he was obviously a lorry driver and i would never normally look at someone like him like that, im 26 and he prob about 50 or something,
he then replyed by moving over to me grabbing my b**** and me grabbing his d*** through his jeans, he was hard and i got his d*** out through his flys, wasnt massive but was good enough, i crouched down and was soon feeling his cold belt buckle on my forehead as i took his sick in my mouth, my mouth was actaully watering and i gave him a very sloppy wet b******, he then pulled my leggings down to me knees and gave me some head in return before bending me over the sink counter and entering me from behind, for an old guy he gave me a real hard pounding, was very rough as he pulled on my ponytail and ran his fingers and hands over my mouth and face, sticking his fingers in my mouth as he dis me from behind, i came close to cuming but he came just before, inside me, i drove home with his c** leaking from me, anyway i got home, cleaned up abit and got into bed with the boyfriend but i was still h****, so i woke him up, well enough to get him hard, sucked him rock hard and climbed onto his d***, doing all the work as he was half asleep, i finally managed to c** and that resulted in my bf cuming too, two loads mixed inside me, i felt so dirty and guilty at same time yet i loved it,

Jun 15, 2016

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  • You said you wasnt at your best but what were you wearing and describe yourself please?

  • Uggs, leggings and tshirt, not my best, im size 12 36dd brown hair

  • Sounds like you had a fun night ;)

  • Real good s**

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