I really want to go out with a girl

I really want to go out with a girl, I'm not sure if she likes me though. :(

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  • You'll never know unless you ask her. Good Luck=)

  • take a chance and ask her out, u never know she might like u too. watch shes gona confess the way she feels too. just confess but if she responds no, theres nothing wrong with being good friends

  • Just tell her how you feel

  • start slow people are snobs

  • Tell her and if shes a j***, she wasn't worth it in the first place.

  • aww that sux not nowing, but if ur brave and shes a good person you should tell her and even if she doesn't than u can still be friends.

  • Go for it! If she says NO then you know and you can move on to someone else.

  • i know how you feel first just be freinds then start with asking her to a dance at like a famly placethen with somthing simple like feeding the ducks ect then movies but take it very slow

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