I want my asian friend

I want my Asian friend so bad. Lets call him John. I want to suck his hard, throbbing, c***. I want to feel his tongue on my c***. I want to ride him until he's incoherently yelling my name. I want to make him c** over and over again. The thought of it gets me so wet. Last night I had a s** dream about him:

He called me over Facetime. I was in the bath but decided to answer anyway, he answered touching himself, showing me (which got me so turned on). I wanted him so bad right then and there. I couldn't keep my hands off myself. We got off to each other for what felt like hours of endless pleasure until I woke up.

He makes me so sexually frustrated because I just want him so bad and I can never have him in that way. I just want to f*** him once or twice, nothing more but I know a)it'd completely ruin the friendship we have (which is awesome btw) and b)it'd be nearly impossible since he lives far away and we only keep up through Facetime. It makes me so irritated because in one way when we talk I just wanna say "Show me your c***" and in another I really don't because I know it'd be weird. I once flashed him when I was not in my right mind. He was very respectful and didn't look. I feel like a complete pervert though.

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