He's not the one for me.

My friend confessed to me that he wants to settle down and get married sometime soon.
He's only 20. He wants to get engaged to a girl who's a friend of his family who's 17.
He's muslim and that's just a typical thing for him I suppose. He's really into his religion. He's a great guy. He's moral, but he's still realistic. He likes awesome music and he likes parkour.
There's nothing wrong with him other than I'm just this white girl who's agnostic and I don't believe in what he does.
I kind of always thought about what it'd be like to get married to him. It was kind of like a silly dream. He'd be perfect though, he's such a great person.
Today when he told me he was thinking about getting engaged soon, I almost thought he wanted to ask me. Just because of our close relationship and all.
But when he told me who it was to, I felt heartbroken. I knew all along it'd never work between us but
I confessed that I always wondered if we'd ever work out in the future. He told me we both knew it wouldn't.

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  • Those guys beat their women because they do not follow what their religion really teaches them to do, i.e. To respect women, to respect their wives and never to exploit them. Your friend seems decent. You seem decent too. One day you shall meet a decent guy.

  • ragheads beat their wives....be extra f****** careful

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