Her ex boyfriend

Back story. So my wife has been texting her ex bf and even though she hides it i know all about it. She even does facetime doing god knows what. So last night I'm f****** my wife of 8 years. I'm on top and she's having troubles getting wet. So I lean into her and start whispering into her ear. I tell her to close her eyes and relax and as I'm slowly going deep in her I say pretend I'm ( we will call him Paul ). She starts by saying no. Then I start to tell him how it's him on top sliding his hard c*** in you. Now look down at Pauls hard c*** going in and out of you. C** on his c*** baby. And a of a sudden she gets wetter. She says she doesn't want to do this. But her puss says different. So I keep doing it. I don't stop as she starts to C** on my hard c***. She becomes so h**** she starts pushing and grinding h****** me. Then just as she's about to C** she screams his name over and over saying yes guck me Paul. Awesome night!

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  • While having s** I once started whispering to my wife that I was going to f*** her hard like I used to f*** my ex-wife. At first she was angry but I began to really bang into her hard, I held her hands to her sides and kept calling out my exes name and asking if she missed my c***. It was one of the hardest o****** she has ever had...she also said to not mention that b**** again.

  • My wife doesn't scream names but she does scream loudly and kicks wildly when she c*** after I've told her about some other handsome younger well hung man coming on to her and seducing her.

  • My wife screams her ex's name sometimes, especially when she know's I'm close as it makes me blow my load almost instantly. She teases me by telling me that I can't reach as far or fill her up like him. Sometimes I call her her mother's or best friend's name when I'm f****** her. We get off hard like this lol

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