I started this to be better.

I started using steroids to build a better body. No one knows. My wife does not appreciate the work I have put in to slimming down and getting fit. I hoped it would help her be more attracted to me but I still lay in bed next to her with no attention for my emotional or sexual needs. I have told her my wants and the requests go unfulfilled. Maybe I'll meet someone that will take care of me as much as I take care of them.

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  • Wish I knew how to contact you! I want to continue getting in good strong shape myself and want a workout partner who will go on that journey with me. I want good, defined muscles all over and a partner who appreciates them and helps me build them.

  • Just keep juicing. Your weeny little sack will shrink even further, so you won't be able to pleasure your wife or anyone else. And when your already feeble mind breaks and you have a 'roid rage episode, you'll get thrown in prison like the undisciplined animal you are. Hope you like tossed salad and large black men named Bubba :)

  • I think you need to move in here . If she has any feelings for at all it will show up once you make a break for yourself . Good luck

  • I don't know about the steroids.

    I feel for you mate with the wife thing. My wife in my view is just plain selfish. No effort to do anything as far as I can see to do anything sexual or flirty for me. It almost seems like if she knows I like something, she will not like it or do the opposite. I listen attentively and I talk to her girl friends to find out what she likes and I try to do it. Zero appreciation and sometimes derision. For ages I would buy her flowers just randomly pick up a bunch on my way home from work. On occasion, I would take a long lunch break, go home and place flowers in a vase in the house. Then one day we are sitting with some of her friends and she says she hates flowers because they remind her of death. F*** that. So she does not tell me that I am missing the mark but she festers on it. Apparently she likes live flowers in a pot plant. So I buy a few of those and she then says that we have too many and I should buy no more. So basically she is closing off ways for me to show affection. F*** her!

  • She sounds like me. She's right though and you should be happy over the fact that she loves you for your personality and not your body. If she and I are similar, then I believe, doing the right thing will attract her the most.

  • First of all, get off the steroids they cause too many health problems. Second try talking to her tell her how you feel. It's not how you look, yeah it helps to slim down for health purposes. However, maybe you should try romancing her tak her out to places she likes going. Go do hobbies together that you both like doing. Give her more emotional affection. Tell her she is beautiful more often. Try not to make it all about you, make it about her too. The most important of all, communicate with her, get back that closeness you both had when you both got married. I could be wrong, but maybe the problem has a lot more to do with other things , other than you trying to get the perfect body. By the way , I happen to be a women too, so your hearing this from a women's perspective. I hope everything works out for you both.. Good luck.

  • Not all steroids. There are some pretty safe ones actually, but they're marketed more toward women because they don't produce the insane results dude bodybuilders need to nullify their pisspoor self-esteem. Do you know why jacked-up gym rats are such douches? Because under all that beef they're pathetic and they know it. That only gets worse when you load them up with atomic level muscle-grow chemicals. Put the blame where it belongs!

  • Sorry about your passionless marriage. Steroids will drive everyone you know away. Ditch those and talk to her more first.

  • They wouldn't drive me away. If OP shares his source, I'll marry him tomorrow!

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