I have the weirdest Relationship with my EX!

The relation I have with my ex is very confusing. He keeps saying that he wants me to be able to talk to him and that he does things because he wants to. And wants me to realize that. Like, when he wants to hang out because he wants me to have someone to talk to, and that I'm a good friend and he wants me around, he just wants me to stop worrying and actually believe that. Then at the same time he says that he wants me to be stronger and that he needs to hang around people who are strong, and that i can message him all the time, he just might not respond. He was really bothered that I thought of him as a tad selfish. He cares about me alot and has a history of being very protective and highly defensive when I allow my self doubt to creep in. We were very close after the break up and hugged and picked on each other and joked around alot. To someone who was on the outside, it seemed like we were in a relationship, but we were not. And when it was brought to his attention, he was like i don't want it to get to a point where we don't notice someone trying to get our attention, yet i don't want to treat you all that different. My mind is very confused right now.

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