This fetish of mine

My fetish is killing me.
I can't seem to find no one to fulfill this fetish m of mine.
So I get turned on whenever I see women wearing pantyhose.
I'm married but my wife doesn't wanna wear them for me.
I'm just looking for a woman who would send me pics in pantyhose and talk about anything.

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  • My wife wears pantyhose every day and so do I. She used to hate them but was buying cheap ones in the wrong size. I treated her to some high quality hose in the right size and she grew to love them. Good luck on finding someone to help.

  • I can help you💋
    Contact me on
    For pics & worn underwear

  • I started wearing pantyhose when I was around 10 I love pantyhose, but like you my wife hates them. I'm going to start wearing them all the time just need to tell her. I had an aunt that would lay her pantyhose legs in my lap and let me rub her leg i wish now that I would of gone under her skirt I think now back then she would of let me.

  • That's to bad

  • They're hot, itchy and uncomfortable....that's why we don't like them.

  • Yea I guess

  • I'm with you on this..Been messing around with hot older sister for years, and she knows her legs, in hose, drive me (and most guys) crazy. Likes to wear short skirt, heels, and either sheer or light-toned hose that really show her legs off well. Fell asleep in finished basement of a friend's house during a gathering, and both I and another guy felt her legs up and down. She actually knew (told me on our way home), and ate up the attention.

  • My wife is like that. She says pantyhose are claustrophobic. I used to make her wear them when we were first married but now the marriage is f***** she wont do it any more.

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