Hollywood Shame

I slept with a Producer to get him to read my boyfriends screenplay and my boyfriend never submitted it. I never told him that I slept with the creep. I made up a story about how I met him and told him that he was very interested in reading his screenplay. For years he has been telling me that no one is interested in his work and now I realize that he has been lying to me about submitting it. I want to leave him but he is all that I have. I'm tired of supporting him.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I admire your devotion to help your friend but be careful next time you try to help someone because maybe they don't deserve it.
    I guess life is easy for him with you supporting him. You deserve much better. Don't be afraid to be alone. Soon enough there will be a man to like you and appreciate you.
    If you want write to me at kitweboys1975 at yahoo.gr

  • God I hate f****** people for nothing!

  • LOL Hold up. . .you are wanting to leave him bc you were stupid enough to sleep with someone behind his back to further his career??? WTF???? I think, since yu are obviously ok with it, you should become a prostitute. . .you will actually get paid to be a s***!

  • ^ That's a very good point you raise. Maybe she can further her career by having her boyfriend sleep with someone.

  • That's not so smart...
    Maybe your boyfriend needs a role model who does dare to show the world who she is, so what are YOUR dreams you want to persue?
    And if you persue them, do you want to get ther by pleasuring the right people or are you able to get yourself professional enough to get there on your own, with quallity-based help?
    Good Luck!

  • You be a Ho !

    HE writes a story... and YOU end up on the casting couch.

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