She cheated

I am certain that my wife has slept with at least one other person. there could be more, but i have 2 specific guys in mind. she had told me she wanted to s**** both of them. i think she may have. i just wish she'd tell me because i'm ok with it. i know she's slept with a lot of guys before we got together so it is reasonable for me to think she has continued. i'd like for her to start dating, actually. the thought turns me on so much!

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  • I would love it if my wife would have s** with other guys. I offered her a free pass but she turned it down.

  • Either dump her, or start f****** other women and give her her own medicine. Most women who cheat, will continue to cheat.

  • Sounds like you guys should just hit up your local swinger scene.

  • She went out on a date Saturday night that ended in s**.

  • Why did you bother to get married? If she wants to date others and you're okay with it? A marriage is supposed to be between just two people. Maybe you need to have a chat with her..because if she is dating other guys, essentially she's cheating on you. How can you be okay with that? How can you have trust between the two of you? Really, what's the point?

  • Be careful what you ask for.......

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