Friend Troubles

My boyfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me over text out of nowhere. I found out he slept with the girl he told me not to worry about in a room next to where i was at a party (after we broke up). He also went around telling lies about me to all my friends and they knew they were lies but still. I found out he slept with that girl and I punched him in the jaw in front of everyone and now they all hate me. I know I shouldn't have hit him but no one cared what he did to me but they all cared what I did to him.

Aug 21, 2020

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  • You're young so you probably don't remember when a man of dignity and compassion would look you in the eye and break up in person saying so out loud. It's a gesture of respect even if breaking up sucks. It is NEVER acceptable to break up by text message. He treated you like a newsfeed he opted out of. Personally, I respect that you punched him. It's a genuine and visceral way to give him the kind of hurt his actions caused you.

  • Youre the problem. I personally hate when people break up and get back together. But that's me. Second, i bet everyone said you knew he was a cheater. You should just lie down and be his for mat. And C, you crossed that line hitting him. I would've walked away. No one is obliged to be faithful to you. You can't force someone to love you. A mature person is way more attractive than a beautiful person that acts like a child. I blame kids programming for the juvenile way people under 30 act these days.

  • One of the problems living in a society governed by Rule of Law is that there are plenty or repercussions for stealing, breaking, punching, slandering, etc. but if someone is JUST PLAIN CRUEL you're expected to say "Well, I never!" and storm off in a huff. And the person who wronged you learned they can be mean, cruel, emotionally abusing, and petty with NO repercussions. Rule of Law actually REINFORCES mean behavior. Break the guy's nose and he'll be afraid of repercussions for the rest of his life.

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