Secret gay

When I was younger I used to meet up with my neighbour to play computer games.

One day for a joke I touched leg for a joke and said "nervous ?"

"No" he replied

I moved my hand closer to his crotch

"Nervous ?"


Then his game on the computer was over and it was my turn.

He put his hand on my leg and said the same thing.

I could feel myself get hard and wanted him to touch me. I kept letting him get closer until he almost touched me then my go was over on the computer.

We swapped and I started again, I was getting turned on and wanted to touch his c***.

I moved really close for one last check then said "nervous ?"


I went in and touched him, he was hard, very hard and large.

God he had a big c***, I'd never seen another erect p**** before so nothing to compare to my small willy.

I was tiny, his was longer and much thicker than mine.

I unzipped his jeans and put my hand in checking if he was "nervous ?" At each step.

As I gripped his big d*** I got over excited and started to c** in my pants a little.

His go ended and we swapped over, I was scared he laugh at my little p**** but I wanted him to touch me back.

He played the game and unzipped my and pushed his hand into my pants. His big hand consumed my very hard but tiny d***.

He rubbed it a little and I just started to shake as my p**** just couldn't hold back and just came inside my pants without warning and on his hand.

This was just the start I'll post stories of camping and games we invented if anyone is interested!?

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  • Part 4

    My friend got tickets for an adventure holiday and invited me.

    It was just the two of us so I knew what might happen. We got to the site and was left to settle in to our room.

    After unpacking we started messing around to my surprise my mate just said "I'm hard."

    I looked down at his trousers and they were pulled really tight.

    I said "that looks uncomfortable you should losen them"

    He unzipped his fly. I could see the shape my his p**** through his pants. I got hard instantly and he looked down and said you need to undo yours too.

    His hand came over and unzipped my trousers and gently slid his hand into my pants.

    It was dark outside and we had the curtains closed, it felt private and safe I was ready to have some fun.

    We decided to play strip pontoon. And within no time we were both naked and totally erect.

    I had forgotten quite how big he was. I am skinny like a pencil and he thick and long like a tree stump.

    We played another hand of pontoon and he won.

    He looked down and said I remember that little willy, its time to dress you up. It's your forfeit.

    He pulled this tiny little black g string out his drawer and told me to put it on and stand by the bed facing away from him.

    I pulled them up over my bouncing little willy.

    His moved up behind me and started gently moving his hand over my erect p****.

    Just relax he said, let it flow....

    I started to feel light headed and the room became dreamy. I closed my eyes and just let him pleasure me.

    He started getting faster and my breathing increased, my body was arched forward as I moaned wanting to c**.

    I was about to come and I opened my eyes to see his had opened the curtains and I was completely exposed to anybody outside.

    But I couldn't stop C****** as my p**** was so hard and I was so turned on. It just shot it's load over the window.

    I quickly ducked out of the window and pulled the curtains closed, I don't know is anyone did see me.

    If anyone is reading let me know and I'll tell you more!

  • Tell us more did you ever have s**?

  • Yaaas

  • Part 3

    As the night progressed we started touching each other's p****.

    I was slightly obsessed with his as it was so big and I was very nervious now of not being able to satisfy girls.

    I'd roll his foreskin back and forth over my hand could hardly grip it all the way round.

    He then rolled over and reached into his bag and pulled out s purple lacy thong.

    " I think you should wear this , it will look nice over your little willy"

    My heart started racing, oh my god what happening... I was scared but very excited.

    He got on top and pulled the thong over my now jumping p****.

    Now he said you must w*** and show me how you come.

    I took my little p**** between 2 fingers and started to rub.

    The thong felt so good I closed my eyes and started to get into a rhythm.

    Within a few second the little fellow exploded all over my chest and I relaxed.

    I opened my eyes and saw he had his phone out and was pointing it at me smiling.

    I'll keep this to remind me of you and you'll want me to keep your little secret won't you?

    "Yes please don't show anyone"

    "You'll just have to do as I say then"

    To be continued, if anyone is reading just reply here

  • I'd love to see this video

  • This is a good story

  • Come on more.

  • Yes more please!! :)

  • Tell me more about your sexy little game

  • Part 2

    One weekend we decided to camp in my tent in my back garden.

    We both got into our sleeping bags and began to chat.

    "Shall we play a game?" He asked

    "Sure I have cards, pontoon?"

    Let played for a while then decided we would add dares.

    "If you lose you have to take your clothes off"

    "If you lose you unzip your sleeping bag"

    We ended up both naked and wanting more.

    "Ok forfets are BB, BD, DB, DD. So you have you touch the parts the winners chooses - B = bum and D = d***"

    I started getting very excited, I won and chose DB.

    He rolled over onto his front and remove his sleeping bag.

    Oh my god my willy was so hard, I moved on top of him and pressed it against his bottom, wiggled it for a bit and got back into my bag.

    We contined and I knew which forfet I wanted...

    He won but chose DB as well.

    I rolled over and he climbed onto my back, this large hard c*** pressed into my bum, it felt so good.

    I won the next round and got my wish DD.

    He pulled back his sleeping bag and I saw his full naked body for the first time.

    His thick long hard c*** and blonde pubic hair excited me more than I ever imagined.

    I climbed on top and pressed my c*** onto his.

    He must have been a good 2 inches longer and and inch wider.

    I had precum leaking out and could really think of anything else than c****** on him.

    I returned to my bag and the game continued...

    If you would like more of this story reply here and I'll keep posting

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