Neighbor guy

My husband is away on a trip to the UK for work, so I'm home alone for two weeks. This morning I was awoken by a knock on my door. I tried to just ignore it, but they started pounding on the door. Slamming the covers off, I got up to go see who it was. When I opened the door I saw my neighbor guy all wet. He told me that my outside faucet was sprayed water all over and he couldn't get it shut off. I ran outside with him and sure enough it was spraying from the hose attached at the faucet. I ran over and tried to shut off the water but the faucet wouldn't turn. We then ran back inside and down to the basement so I could shut off the supply. After I got it shut off I looked at both of us and we were both soaking wet. I had on just a tee shirt and yoga pants, and as I looked at myself I noticed my nipples were hard and you could see my t*** through my wet shirt. Looking down I noticed that my yoga pants weren't hiding anything either. You could see my pubic hair clean as day. I was thinking to myself thank God I just shaved up with a landing strip just the other day. I then noticed the neighbor guy looking at me and the bulge in his pants. I tried to make a joke about the awkward situation, and tell him that he could have at least had something on that was see through as well. He unzipped his pants and let them fall off so he was standing there with his d*** out. I didn't know what to say, so I made another joke and said "well that was unexpected". For the life of me I have no idea why I didn't stop what was about to happen, but I didn't. I even thought to myself, what in the h*** are you doing as I reached out and grabbed ahold of his c***. I played with his c*** in one hand and rubbed his b**** with my other. Then I turned around and bent over the washer. He stepped up behind me and slid his c*** into my p****. I knew it was wrong, but I just didn't stop. It was like a rush that I hadn't felt since I got involved with my husband. He f***** me and I rubbed my c*** until I got off. Then he came inside me and pulled out dropping c** on the floor. He pulled his pants up and quickly made his way outside. I cleaned up the floor and then jumped in the shower trying to wash his c** out of me. Hopefully he can keep his mouth shut when my husband comes home.

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  • Thats really hot. I can envision u therr in your tight yoga. Mmmmm so hot. Did u atleast let yourself enjoy another mans hard c*** f****** u?!

  • Have you started thinking about him since this happened. Do you sort of wish this would happen again. Please follow up, cause it seems like you really were into him

  • I'm guessing you are there now, when does your husband return?

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