Brother and his friends

Since we have a big backyard with a big pool my brother always has friends over to swim and just hang out and play video games I always catch myself watching out of my window on one of his friend Alan he is so hot and and probably has a big d*** anyways one day i was watching like i usually did I felt a tap on my shoulder and shocked and scared of getting caught I turned around nervously it was Alan. Nervous I asked "what are you in my room and not out side?" Talking back he asked "why were you watching me?" I froze and didn't know what to say or do he probably knew that I was embarrassed so he said "it's fine it's just you know" I felt a relief and calm my self down then some stupid part of my brain decided to tell him that he was really hot and I liked him 2 seconds after I could tell he was getting hard so me being me I reached and unzipped his pants he froze and I couldn't believe what I was doing but I kept going I pulled down his boxer and I knew it his 10 inch c*** popped out at my face. I started sucking his c*** and the next thing I knew I'm riding him. It felt so good I didn't want to stop after a few minutes he shot his c** all over my face and my D size b**** it was so incredible I went back in and did it I moaned so loud forgetting that my brother and his friends were still out sides do that my window was still opened. A few moments later my door flung open and there they stood my brother and all 8 of his friends shocked. Alan stopped and me being me making the situation worst I kissed Alan and made him kept going. "What are you guys doing?" I moaned. My brother p***** yelled "what are you doing?" Trying to be clam I said "you guys can join in!" He froze and stared then the whole thing turned into all of them on me. Now i would do my brother weekly alone and him and his friends almost every weekend when my parents aren't home I enjoy it very much and would do it every time even knowing I wouldn't be able to walk for a few hours??

Mar 30, 2016

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  • Wow, thats fucken hot, they are so lucky to get to f*** u

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