During last summer vacation I went to my grandparents farm, to stay for few days and then proceed further to our camping and hiking. Second day I with a lady working in the farm in her 30s, looking very sexy, I got her attention and started to speak with her, she was already married and her husband also working in the farm and have a child as well. That day I left but always thinking of her, next day again I met her and she was much more sexy than yesterday, we smiled at each other and again started to chat I offered her a drink and came closer looking in the eyes and then kissed her passionately, her b*** nipples erected and so my d***. I removed her b*** from beta and sucked, she started moaning and she put her hand on my pant unzipped and removed and started sucking but I was not able to wait and let her bend over uplifted her skirt and I inserted my hard d*** in her hot and wet p****, and started f****** her with full force, she told me you are much bigger and better than her husband. After a while she lay down and lifted her legs and let me to f*** her in missionary position, she came multiple times and started dripping making me more excited, I started very fast she understood I may c**, and told me to come on her face not inside her, and removed my c*** she sat and open her mouth and came in full force and she licked my d*** clean. We went away, next day I went. For camping and hiking but Thinking about her time to time, when I came back from camping and had only one day before My return. Luckily I saw her straight she came to me and told me that her husband almost saw us but was not sure I had s** , he f***** her very hard and said she is very wet and sloppy. We had s** twice and went apart.

Jan 15, 2021

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  • I work as housemaid for couple of hours a day in a home where elderly couple is living, I am married and have a child but very attractive, I have good b**** they are revealing when I am working, they had a young guest for two days first he saw me I can see l*** in his eyes, but nothing happened.
    Next day he followed me when I went to makeup guest room where he was staying, he was wearing short and I can see a tent in that, he asked me if I can favour him and not to mention anyone, I looked in his eyes he was staring at my b**** okay I understand and he came so close that his b**** started to hit my navel.we kissed and I lowered his short I was amazed, my gosh it was so hard, Almost 7 inches long and good girth. He said he can’t wait, and bent me on the sofa almost tear my panty and inserted his b**** d*** in me and started thrusting in and out, I started to get multiple o******, I had s** with five men in my life earlier,But this was really nice he f***** me in all positions, and came very heavy load on my belly. In a few minutes he was ready again, we did 69 and then another round which was more strong and long finally he came. I finish my job and left home. Still remembering him that’s f*** of my life.

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