Phils Birthday surprise

It was my husband's (Stuart) mates birthday (Phil) and although he is always flirting when he comes round our house making crude comments about how he would love to dominate me and hold onto my "love handles" riding me I've always taunted him back saying he wouldn't know what to do. Stuart suggested that night after he went why I don’t give Phil the ultimate birthday present meaning ME but with a difference meaning me in full bondage and at Phil's total mercy. At First I couldn't believe that my husband would suggest it. I agreed eventually because actually I quite fancy Phil anyway but not letting on to Stuart. It was set that I was to be tied spread-eagled on a mattress at Stuarts workshop the next night in just my Basque, knickers and stockings covered with a sheet. He phoned Phil telling him to be at the workshop the next night at 7:30 PM prompt and he wouldn't be disappointed. Unbeknown to me though Stuart rang him the next morning to bring a couple of the other guys. Stuart had placed the mattress on the floor right in the middle of his workshop so that when the door was opened I was so the first thing he would see. He got me to lie spread-eagled tying my ankles and wrists to each corner but also showing me the sign he had written saying "happy birthday mate help yourself" I half expected something like that but I didn't expect the next part which was being blindfolded and Stuart saying I was in for a treat as well when he comes. Lying there waiting was nerve wracking knowing I was so vulnerable wondering what his reaction will be and what MY surprise was. I heard a car pull up outside the workshop and Stuart giving me a kiss telling me my surprise has arrived and that this was something I had always gone on about when we are having s**. At this point I actually started panicking because we have confessed all sorts of fantasies to each other, but now obviously I couldn't do anything and now I heard the car door open and Stuart telling Phil his birthday surprise is waiting inside and ready making sure I could hear but then there was a lot of whispering and at this point I knew there was more than just Phil but it was Phil who read the sign out and shouted as Stuart was shutting the workshop door thanks then the sheet was pulled back but just before my blindfold was taken off Phil actually laughed asking me who did I think was there as well? Because looking down at me was three other guys but I only knew one of them. Phil actually told them I was the "p**** teaser" he was always on about but now it was payback time for the teasing apparently I have done in the past with him. Although my wrists were still tied hands were everywhere ripping my knickers off and taking my Basque off sucking and pinching my nipples at the same time fingering and playing with my actual a*** hole until I started actually Cuming at the same time mockingly making fun out of wobbling all my fatty bits. By now all of the guys had got their D**** out and Phil particularly was kneeling right by my head telling me to start sucking holding on to my hair actually "face f******" me until I could feel him actually starting to fill my mouth with his s**** he was quickly replaced by one of the others with the others taking it in turns to f*** me even making me get in the doggy position filling every hole but none of them actually got naked they just pushed their trousers down but every time one of them came I was made to lick them clean apparently one of them did say they couldn't let their wives see the stains I was "pleasured" was their way they described what happened for about two hours but when they left they actually asked Stuart (who was watching at the door) could they "use me again" was their exact words they never even asked me. This confession is completely true but it was about six months ago so look out for the striptease at keiths


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  • Thanks Jane for your comment i am 29 and yes quite chubby and they are all true and how old are you? And what size?

  • Older than you Jen but still love plenty of c***!! Jane x

  • 45 42gg and like you I'm a chubby s***

  • Well Jen I love your posts you chubby slab. Jane x

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