My near revenge

It all started with Tony (friend/neighbour) making advances while Stuart (my husband) was at work. He kept making excuses for coming round and one-day he tried it on physically in the kitchen, fortunately my kids came home from school. I made sure from that day I wasn't home alone BUT every time I saw him acting normally with Stuart, with the usual banter which always goes on between them about me with Stuart telling him that I do flashing, full blow jobs even saying that I don't mind a*** making me dead embarrassed but making Tony jealous saying about Stuart able to see me naked at any time with Stuart actually daring me to give him a flash after all Tony was a friend but I didn't rise to the dare. Later on when Tony left leaving us alone, after all this time I decided to tell Stuart about those happenings with Tony all that time ago. At first he was furious and was going to go round and belt him for what he had tried BUT after calming down he actually got turned on asking lots of questions eventually us making real passionate love. Then one night my "revenge" opportunity came real because my kids were out for the night and Tony's wife was away so he came round for a drink and as usual the banter went on but I made an excuse to go upstairs so I could put my plan into action. Changing into my yellow slightly see-through button up dress, Basque, stockings, red see-through knickers I shouted down for them to come upstairs BOTH of them were gobsmacked by what I was wearing and obviously we were in our bedroom. I had music playing, telling them to stand to one side and watch but they can't touch telling Tony he was now going to see what he always wanted. Unbuttoning my dress letting it fall from my shoulders revealing my Basque then sliding it further down until completely letting it go then sitting on the edge of the bed unfastening my stockings sliding them down, now reaching behind me unfastening my Basque holding it for a second before letting it go now revealing my bare t***, my nipples were now starting to stick out which Stuart commented to Tony about that no doubt I was getting worked up myself but I was still in control of everything happening at this moment. I still had my slightly see-through knickers on. Making sure telling them to stay by the dressing table lying down pushing down on my waistband of my knickers telling Tony that he was about to see what he was hoping to use all that time ago. At this time I will admit I was getting dead excited myself and my heart was pounding and really I should of been prepared for what happened next because STUART said to Tony something like "H*** this is to much should we sample what is on offer" meaning me obviously "I never had a chance to even get up because both of them literally pinned me down with Stuart telling Tony to pull my knickers right off and to spread my legs. I didn't think that Stuart would act like this but I hadn't realised that I had got them so worked up. They were like s** starved animals with Stuart telling Tony I wanted fingering and the rougher the better I liked it. Stuart very rarely acts like this but I started to feel actually humiliated because as well I could feel myself C****** shaking not in control of my body . By now both of them had their d**** out with Stuart TELLING me to give Tony one of my special blow jobs first before they will take it in turns to f*** me I wasn't disappointed when I saw Tony's D*** because it was a bit bigger than Stuart and also circumcised so now with it being rock hard I was made to suck him till he came having to swallow it while Stuart got me to the doggie position f****** me. Between them they made me c** a couple more times and each time they ridiculed me about how much I must be liking it. It was about 2 AM when they actually finished with Stuart saying to Tony that he must come round again soon if he wanted to NOT bothering what I thought although I will admit I secretly enjoyed it


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  • Damn you are hot lady and your story got me so hard i wish i was tony

  • Hi Jan, you had any new adventures? Jane x

  • This is a message for Jane and your husband as long as you are sure of each other's feelings believe me Jane and the embarrassing comments sometimes but it has certainly spiced up our s** life the only problem we have is that we didn't start doing it years ago but anyway look out for the next TRUE story marked Scotland holiday XX

  • Hi Jan, thanks for the advice. This has been my hubby,s fantasy for ages but when I said I would do it for him, he went cold on the idea. This was a couple of years ago, so I started s******* around, I got him reading your posts, which he loves. I was out last week and f*** some bloke and when I git home, hubby wanted s**, he went to go down on me, I stopped him and said, there is another man's s**** in there. He said I know I can smell it on you every time you go out, then licked me to o***** and f***** me hard. He was calling me his lovely s***, pulled out so I could take his s**** in my mouth. We are ready. Jane xx

  • Another great story Jan, made my husband f*** me like a beast. He has agreed I should do the same and he is going to arrange a session with a couple of his mates, Jane xxx

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