Wrongful revenge

Almost a year now I was falsely accused by a "friend" of raping her. Instead of waiting for someone to talk with the police or having her go to a hospital to get checked out her friends decided to take matters into their own hands, they said to the court that "too many rapists get set free and just do it again." What they did to me caused me to have to leave my home town altogether because everyone knows about it now.
I was given some herbal plant thing that paralyzed me to the point that even my lungs were barely working. I was taken to one of our remote coastal beaches and laid naked on the sand. I was asked if I knew the reason why dead seal, deer or dogs that wash up on the beach never seem to have their genitals. Then I got told that it was because of seagulls, that the seagulls always go for the softest and easiest parts to peck at first , the genitals and the eyes. Then I got told that today I was going to be feeding the seagulls my very own easy to eat lunchmeat. Last month was finally the end of the trial. Lots of people from our town and other towns went to it. I was advised to "give the details" so to make sure to get the jury's sympathy. They brought in an expert witness about birds and an expert witness about genital/urinary injuries. Everyone got to hear that my eyes weren't pecked out because they put swim goggles on me so that I would have to watch the seagulls eating my s** organs. In court I had to live that terrible day over and over again. Everyone heard my description of the seagulls becoming bolder and bolder about a human laying on the sand and then landing on me and then pecking at my s****** as they tried to get to my testicles. I couldn't yell. I couldn't move to scare them or to protect myself. I felt the beaks stabbing into my s******. I saw it being torn open and that was when they went crazy, so many landing on me. There were moments when I thought I would die, mainly because once the testicles were pulled off I couldn't breathe for awhile. I heard shouts from the watchers who were far enough away so to not scare the seagulls. They were yelling at the birds asking them "how they liked the lunch, and yelling at me asking me how does it feel seeing the birds fighting over which ones get to eat my b****?" Once the b**** and s****** were gone they all fought about eating the p**** and the two bigger most dominant ones won the fight and so began the pecking. The p**** lasted longer but not more than a few minutes until it was all gone. After that they went for my a*** and pecked it out and pulled out at least 4ft of it (the doctors estimate). I was told that I would have died, that the seagulls would have pulled out nearly all of my intestines out through my r*****. What saved me was some people coming down the beach on their four wheelers. At first I didn't want to be alive anymore especially after I heard some of the cruel things people were saying, like "Watch out for the bird p***, you never know if it from that guys d*** or his nuts." They're in jail now, all five of them but they will only be there for 5 years at the longest and when they get out I will still be without my genitals and my a***.

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  • Your full of s***.

  • This is the most insane confession that I've ever read - here or anywhere else. The bastards might only do 5 years in jail but, rest assured, they will rot in h*** for eternity. Very sick and very sadistic......

  • So did they get a quarter pound, half a pound or a whole pound of your delicate, tender cold cuts.

  • Doesn't anybody care about this poor man, I mean he had to watch his manhood get eaten by birds, that must have been so, so awful for him.

  • Don't it bother you to know that those parts of you that cause your sexual urges and you maleness got eaten digested and got turned into bird s*** splashing on peoples windshields and making them mad? I mean think about it your precious male parts are nothing but bird s***.

  • I guess I shouldn't care about how some people reacted to my confession but I did because so many people have reacted in the wrong way.
    1st. I could have bled to death but two things happened, one was that the people who came down the beach got there in time, secondly the expert medical witness said that because the gulls beaks pulled and tore the body parts off that some of the blood vessels retracted back into the body cavity and were mostly pinched off.
    2nd. The expert bird witness guy said that it is common for scavenger bird to peck out an animals a*** and pull out the intestines through the opening.
    3rd. If my confession didn't verbally express the agony and terror that I experienced then what can I say? The pain was so great that I couldn't breathe because of it. People can only imagine what it was like but for me it was stabbing, tearing, ripping away pain that shot up into my stomach and down my legs.
    4th. My hope had been that the gulls wouldn't come near to me. That they would be afraid of me. At first that was how it was but expecting that the group had brought along bread, which they tossed around me and between my legs. The expert bird guy said that all it took was for one seagull to land on me and if nothing happened to it then the others would follow. When that first gull landed on me my heart was pounding so hard. When I felt that first peck stab into my ball sac I felt a kind of fear I had never felt before in my life.
    To be unable to yell or protect those parts one little bit was what haunts me now. No other person can possibly know the PTSD flashbacks I have. I can remember every detail of my genitals being eaten and then the shock of feeling my a*** getting pecked and feeling tugging and tearing as my intestines (r***** and colon) being pulled out my pecked apart a***.
    As far as publicity, you might find something from La push Wa. It's an Indian town so to them their business is their business and I am glad enough for that.

  • Tru or not I liked picturing this guy having to watch the birds pecking away at his genitalia as there was less and less of them. what a hoot. (bird pun not intended) Lol

  • Tru or not the thought of a guy having to watch birds feasting away on his genitalia was a hoot. (no bird pun intended. Lol)

  • I very much enjoyed reading about this. I was wondering how long you thought it took for the seagulls to eat all of your "lunch meat".

  • This is so bizarre that I would have thought it would be all over the Internet. I could not find any mention on google.

  • Something does not compute... If your intestines and s****** had been "compromised" then I would expect hemorrhaging and thus you would be dead before the 4-wheeler came along to scare the birds away.

    Very good fiction and imagination I must say though! Kudos for an imaginative mind. If this is true, then perhaps provide us a link to a news article?

  • That's what I was thinking as well. I don't even see how the gulls could get in his intestines because that area is well protected and it's curious that he would have such a relaxed perspective of the gulls fighting over eating him, I would think the agony would have him in panic and tears, not cool objectivity. I'm wondering if it's written by someone that got raped as some wishful fantasy of his or her rapist.

  • They took ur life basically maybe go take theirs

  • Psychopathic

  • Yeah and drugging a dude and letting his junk get eaten by birds isn't f*** you

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