A dare going out

It all started meeting up with the usual five guys at the pub on a night out with Stuart my husband. Charlie one of the guys didn't see me and was quite vocal ogling at the pictures in one of those girlie magazines of the readers wives and at first tried hiding the mag but the others Paul particularly Asked would I do that sort of thing meaning posing but it was Stuart who said that I do and a pretty good striptease as well for him. By this time all of them were now flirting asking if I have the suspender belt and all the trimmings. The answer was yes. Unbeknown to them though I do strips for Stuart and his mate Phil sometimes ending in a threesome but right now I'm the pub with five guys all flirting saying I wouldn't dare. Even when I said I was too fat their reply was I am just right with curves in the right places. It was Mike which actually dared me to go further because he's got a small workshop just around the corner where I could strip. I said I couldn't because I didn't have the right clothes and undies on. They mockingly said that I was all talk and no action. Mike again challenged me to do it the next night then and it would give me the chance to dress in the right stuff. By this time I was actually rising to the dare and even going home Stuart was saying it was my decision, but also adding did I realise it might end up going further but going by his reactions even while he was driving he was constantly fiddling with my t*** until I could feel myself getting wet between my legs needless to say when we got home my mind was made up and that night I spent parading round in my different outfits deciding on a button up dress, red Basque matching knickers and black stockings this finished with a night of passion, and Stuart describing in detail what the guys would be looking at. The next day at work I couldn't concentrate looking at the clock continuously thinking had I got the nerve to strip in front of all six guys including Stuart. All too soon I was walking through the door of the pub with all five guys already waiting and Mike saying that the workshop is ready and is it still okay with me. My answer was yes but my heart was literally pounding. Mike had cleared a space in front of this workbench as my "stage" but before actually starting we all made small talk drinking but in the end it was Stuart saying was I ready for the dare and this seemed to be the trigger for starting things because Mike put some music on asking if it was okay. It was "hungry eyes” off Dirty Dancing (My favourite) Stuart obviously must have told him. So now there was no going back. Standing nervously in the middle I was dancing saucily caressing my own body through my clothes making sure I was lifting and dropping my dress from my thighs. By this time all the guys were chanting "get em off" and I wasn't going to disappoint them. Getting more confident undoing buttons from the top but leaving the middle one fastened I was now showing my Basque and stockings. The last button I went to Keith inviting him to undo it. My dress now was wide open and getting bolder turning around seductively slipping my dress off my shoulders. This left me in my undies which the men definitely loved but instead of stripping further in a moment of madness I suppose because all of them were getting cheeky and cocky asking could they undo my Basque because why should Keith get the best job. Staying where I was I said teasingly okay then. Not really believing they would strip me, the wife of one of their mates this is why I have to " confess it now" because by now I was getting really randy myself surrounded by six guys five of them just friends but all moving in on me with that suggestive look of sheer wanton in their eyes. It was like being stripped by an octopus with them openly making comments about my love handles and plump bum saying also that it was a pity such a sexy luscious body should be only enjoyed by one person. They definitely knew how to make me feel special. I knew with all the groping I was getting more and more near to an o*****. It was now Stuart said that I was on the pill so there was no problem about getting pregnant. This was like an open invitation and they were very quick taking the hint because the workbench was cleared and I was literally lifted onto it. For the next two hours I was fingered then f***** in all positions but mostly in the doggy position and gave at least three full blow jobs swallowing every drop and even had my bottom fingered needless to say I had multiple o****** and couldn't even stand properly afterwards and all this time I saw Stuart sitting wanking and watching but making no attempt to join in but definitely had his share when we got back home with the question also that I had been asked by all the others would there be any chance of a repeat performance

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  • I to was challenged on my 19th birthday and I shrugged it off thinking it was just the liquer talking but the following day I got three calls from guys asking when it was going to happen. I'll have to admit the thought enterend my mind but I pushed it off. Three weeks later at a party I was danching a lot and I was asked if I was going to strip tonight as his hands slid across my b****** sending shivers throughout my body and being I didn't push him away he began fondling my b****** right there on the dance floor and before long we were girinding against eachother and I felt his hard c*** pressing against me and I was getting turned on litterly and the next thing I knew we were kissing and he put something in my mouth it taisted sweet so I was sucking on it I thought it was candy but it turned out to be acid my head was a whirl. the music seemed to slow to just beets and I was grinding against everboody that wanted me then John the big black quarter back started in grinding against me and he started in getting harder and harder and befor long I felt my dress kinda lift up and John was grinding against my pelvic and I was pressing back against him and before long he had his c*** between my legs and I was still grinding against him I reached back and I could feel the head of his c*** behind me and I couldn't help myself I was turned on by his massive c*** I began getting kisses upon my neck and before long I found myself in a room with 7 guys totally naked and John was grinding against my naked body litterly spreading my p**** lips with his c*** slowly entering me deeper and deeper till he was f****** me right there in front of everyone and I remember c****** on his c*** over and over and c** was dribbling down my legs and I remember rubbing it on my ass for it felt good but then there was this c*** trying to get into my ass and before long I was getting f***** in two holes and I began to c** so hard I'd pass out for a few seconds but the John never left my p****.

  • I love your stories, they make me wet. I'm plump like you with 42gg t***. I finger my p**** as I read them, I c** like a train and would love to join you but I think these are fantasies. I would love my husband to fo this with me.
    I go out in the daytime and pick up blokes to f*** me, the most iv had at once is 2.

  • I went out yesterday and picked up a bloke, on a pub. After a couple of drinks, we were on his van and he dripped me and began f****** me doggy style, gripping my big t***, hy phone rang and he just said "can my brother have a go?" I said yes and felt his c*** get harder, the door opened and his brother hot in and stuck his c*** in my mouth, it was short and fat, he spunked quickly, then his brother filled my c***

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