I like to sleep on plastic

When I was a kid there was a plastic sheet to protect the mattress. I don't recall having a bed wetting problem. It was just there. When I reached puberty I found I liked to m********* by getting under my sheets and lie directly on it and hump away. It would get slippery and then I would c**. Then I had the problem that the slippery mess was all up my chest. So I used to have a towel beside me and I could use that to clean up. I thought I was really smart not making a mess or leaving any evidence.

Then slip out from under the bed clothes and get in between the normal sheets.

Then I used to do things like try to sleep on the plastic. I used to set myself these personal challenges to see how long I could sleep on the plastic. Usually sometime in the middle of the night, I would give in and w*** and c** and then clean up. Usually once I had c** there was no motivation to stay on the plastic.

FF a few years. Got married. Wife disgusted when I told her of my kink. It is this unspoken thing. Now when I travel for work I will go buy a plastic shower curtain for the bottom plastic drop sheets and sleep between them. I also like to put baby oil on me so it's all slippery. Same challenge to hold off as long as I can. Still once I c** I just clean up. With the oil it means I have to have a shower and wrap up the mess on the bed and dispose of it so I try to hold off till morning. Of course I don't sleep so soundly so usually if I plan to do this I will fly early so I can do it the first night and then have a day where I don't have to be alert all day. Do preparation work or visit clients where the meeting is short.

Jun 25, 2016

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  • I'm the op. Obviously I'm just too weird.

  • Too weird for *this* site? Hardly!

    Haven't you noticed that the most realistic confessions tend to not get a lot of traffic? It's the "confessions" of obsessively repetitive fetishists and teenagers fishing for attention that are loaded with comments. Long comment threads are usually made up of two retards bashing at each other (or one very lonely guy using two computers, more likely).

    It's like junior high school in here, except EVERYBODY is in the Special Ed class.

    Don't be glum, chum.

  • A very astute observation

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