Wife's old lover becomes my new

My wife and I have been married for 7 years. About 6 months ago, she thought it would be cool if a friend of hers and his wife came over once a week for a movie night. Dinner, movie and drinks. We hardly ever get out due to work so I'm up for it.

She didn't mention previously that the friend of hers is a former lover. I found out the first night that they dated for about a year or so about 15 years ago. They didn't come right out and say it but they would l tell stories. I asked her later that night if they had dated. That's when she said that yes they dated for a bit over a year. I then asked if they had s**. She said, "Well, we did date for a year."

So about 5 weeks into this weekly thing, the girls left to go get groceries and liquor and a movie to watch. Mike asked how long I've been with Stacy. I told him about 8 years including dating. I said to him, "I didn't know you and Stacy had been together together." He said, "Does that bother you?" I said, "Actually, no." He said, "You sure?" I said, "I have a curious mind. I don't get jealous." He said, "A curious mind huh? How's that?" I said, "Well, when I asked and she said that you two have had s** my first thought was how big is his d***?" He laughed and said, "Why would you think that?" I said, "Just the way I think." He said, "To answer your question. I'm probably average. You?" I said, "5-7 is average right?" He said, "So I hear." I said, "Lower end of average then."

We didn't talk for a bit. He said, "You wanna see it?" I said, "Can I?" He said, "I don't mind. Same time? You show me and I show you?" I said, "Sure." I'm not a shy person and apparently neither is he. We both pulled down our pants. I'm a grow-er. He is a show-er. I didn't measure but he is slightly above average. Both of us were now stroking just enough to get hard. I couldn't help but keep my eyes on his c***. I swallowed a drink then reached over to grab his c***. Just hoped like h*** he didn't get pissy. He didn't. I started stroking his c***. He said, "Done this before?" I said, "Not recently but yeah." He said, "Stacy know?" I said, "Uh no. Most women get scared off if you tell them you are bisexual."

I leaned over and started sucking his d***. He moaned a bit and said, "That feels good. Karen doesn't ever give head." I stopped just for a second and said, "Yeah neither does Stacy." He said, "Wow really? Must have changed. She sucked me pretty often." Man, something about what he said made me h**** as h***. My wife was fairly conservative in the bedroom. Maybe she was a closet s*** and I just need to find out how to get her to do something.

So, I'm sucking his d***. He said, "Let's readjust here." So we repositioned so he could suck me too. Neither of us lasted long. We 69d there on the couch. He was first to c**. I swallowed his load. I came pretty much after him. Just as soon as I had c**, Stacy's car pulled up. We quickly got our shorts on. Girls came in and were none the wiser.

Now the weekly dinner and a movie also involves getting the girls out of the house so mike and I can have s**.

Jul 24, 2016

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