There is nothing worse than a loser, middle-aged man chasing after a teen, thinking he is in love. Wake up you pathetic idiots! You are in NOT in love, you are in l*** and you are sick, sad individuals who need to leave society and go live in the woods alone. Thank you.

Jun 28, 2016

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  • Oh, yeh, my aunty is doing this with a man old enough to be her son and i don't understand it. a lot of people do it now. my dad was even doing it for a while til he found out just how evil murderous some people can be. there is a lesson in it. I won't chase any man now unless they do a lot of work on me. if you don't f*** young as a teen as a girl you end up very alone. no one wants you after 25 and more so 34 and 40.

  • You are very wrong maybe u had a bad experience but you would be surprised how many young little p***** we get lots of times behind the backs of young boyfriends

  • You are very wrong about this. Its a very natural thing. Lots of animals do the same. Elder, strong males breed young females because it makes for healthier offspring and stronger genetics. Its natures way. Sorry

  • What can I say? Young p**** is MUCH better than old p****. Obviously this original poster is an ex-wife who got left behind for a young girl. Sorry honey.......it was bound to happen. And if you live long enough, it'll happen to you again.

  • Ha ha, what a bitter negative person you are. Here's an idea, if people are happy doing whatever it is that makes them happy - then that's their business. Who gives a damn what your puritanical uptight miserable opinion is ? I'd suggest in future you worry more about yourself being an a****** than dictating to others what is right or wrong.

  • It would be Intersting to know from actual girls how they feel when around men. Does being ogled make them feel good bad or indifferent. What if the men are totally politicallt correct and do not look. Do the girls feel miffed that they have been ignored? Maybe think they are not beautiful enough?

  • When an old guy looks at me it kinda feels good. Just sayn.

  • Smart girls don't like to be ogled and their opinion of themselves isn't dependent on a guy.

  • I've got a sugar dad. We both know it's an arrangement. He gives me money. Lends me his car. Sometimes we have a evening where we go shopping and he will fork out for a nice dress. He'd be willing to buy more but I'd end up with too many clothes. He gets to feel me up. I'll sit on his lap and he'll have a grope. Legs b**** arms. He also helps me with a bit of advice on uni assignments and some tutoring. Also he let's me crash at his place if I'm too wasted to go home. No s** and we agreed that and you know he's never pushed it. We both discussed things and you know I don't actually find it hard. He runs his hands over me. All over and if you'd asked me before I'd say that would be yuk *cringe* but once we did it I found it did not phase me.

  • I started having an affair with a teen aged girl not long ago. I thought it would only be a fling, just a very short term thing. But we fell in love. It couldn't be helped. This is real love. For both of us. And I love being seen with her and having people know I'm hitting that.

  • I'm 44. Been married for a long time to a woman almost my age. I can't say I'm actually dating a teenager, but yes, I am chasing one. She's playing hard to get, and that's cool, because I know that eventually I'll have her. She's the hottest piece of ass I've ever seen, and I am NOT giving up until she's mine.

  • Pathetic

  • Nothing magic about 18. For most of history, girls were married off at 13. Mary the mother of Jesus was most likely around 15 when Jesus was born.

  • I'm 37m dating a 17f. Best thing ever happened to me.

  • *waits a year* >:)

  • For whatever reason, genetic history? Who knows. I love to see teen girls. They look beautiful. In the prime of their lives. Even my own daughters. One 12 and the other 15. I love to see them in short skirts and a glimpse of their undies is so good.

  • Please die.

  • I'm 51yo married man and I'm involved with a 19yog. I can't speak for anyone else but our relationship is absolutely wonderful.

  • Teenage girls like two types of middle-aged men. Wealthy older men or older men who can supply them with drugs. Sugar Daddies are in because of the things they can buy. These old bastards often buy these girls things and they don't get s** from the girl. Not even a feel. These old fools are victimized but its their fault so who cares?

    I dated a woman in her late thirties and she was unmoneyed and I ended up buying her children lots of clothing. I didn't want her eighteen-year-old daughter sexually but its my guess the people in the clothing store though I was some old pervert.

    One time her mother was changing clothes and she was naked from the waist down while I was in the room with her and her daughter walked in and acted as if nothing had happened which in her eyes it had not.

    A lot of the times you see a middle-aged man in a store with a teenage girl he's merely trying to help her and her mother.

  • I agree, these sugar daddies are complete f****** fools.

  • That's called nature of the beast! I could understand women their own age, or even the age of 18 to 40, but Anyone younger then 18 you have a sick problem.

  • Nothing magic about 18. For most of history, girls were married off at 13. Mary the mother of Jesus was most likely around 15 when Jesus was born.

  • Lots of vicious rebuttals here that have nothing to do with the post. I get the impression from reading the comments that maybe some of you guys expected to read about how great you are. Quite the dreamland some of you live in.

  • One day you will be old and if married you will be married to one of your aforementioned dirty old men. enjoy.

    Or think of it this way, that young hunky guy you have the hots for.....Well in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years time, he will still cast his eyes over every young girl that passes. Remember you are in love with that *right now*.

    You can deal with this yourself. If you don't want the old men leering at you then you do two things. Eat to get fat and wear dowdy clothes. After that I agree with you. Any man leering at a fat girl in dowdy clothes is themselves just odd.

  • How STUPID are you? Why the f*** should anyone have to "get fat and wear dowdy clothes" to avoid pedophiles. You are the SICKNESS of society. Believe it or not some middle aged men are smart, well-balanced and in control of their animal lusts. Clearly you are not that kind of man - So f*** yourself and please die.

  • For tens of thousands of years girls were married off to older men.

  • The civilization ADVANCED morally.

  • Then*

    Unfortunately a few cavemen made it into the modern day and chase TEENS.

  • Confirming that it is natural not sick

  • It's CORRECTED in society, same as slavery. Idiot.

  • Sick? Disgusting? Perhaps "in l***" is perfectly natural.

  • Perhaps you are just a h**** pedophile

  • H****. Most men are h****. But not a pedophile.

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