I hate Malaysia

My name is Buhari, who came from Lagos, Nigeria. Today I will talk about Malaysia, where I'm currently studying.
Malaysia is the most f****** country that really dislike foreigners. They're f****** unwelcoming and damn rude to foreigners and international students. School? Immigration? Jobs? ALL F****** H*** LIKE DOG S***.
Then why did I come to Malaysia? It was because of my parents that almost FORCE ME TO STUDY AT HERE. 2 years ago, my parents asked me to study at Malaysia because according to them that institutions in Nigeria is not so good, so they want me to study at here. When I first time came to here before 'moved', I enjoyed shopping and eating local foods. At that time everything was good, so I finally decided to study at here.
HOWEVER, when I 'moved' to here, everything was changed. When I applied myself at Taylor's University at Subang Jaya, firstly, we, international students, MUST PAY MORE THAN LOCAL STUDENTS. What the h***??? Whether local or international, we are SAME AS HUMAN. BUT WHY SHOULD WE PAY MORE??? Anyway, after that, we were required to apply for our visa. The Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia was F****** H***. My visa was firstly rejected due to a bit of mistake. When I applied it for second time, my visa was released BUT I HAD TO WAIT FOR 4 MONTHS.
But this is just nothing, after I started my studying, I SUDDENLY HATED ALL THINGS IN MALAYSIA. Last time I thought Malaysia is good and beautiful country but now IT ISN'T. My f****** local classmates started to bully me. They even used "n****" because of my skin colour. They even called me as "bangla" even though I'm not Bangladeshi. When there was any group assignment given by lecturer I had to form a group with locals since my class had no international students except me. And they f****** playing and didn't do anythings but I MUST DO ALL THINGS.
One day I was warned by lecturer due to my low attendance. I missed 3 classes and he said, "If you're an international students and miss more than 3 classes without any MC you will be barred from taking final exams." ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. But all f****** local students are doing same things, no, doing more f****** terrible things but NOT barred! WHAT THE F*** IS THIS???!
I was boring during the weekends and sembreaks so I tried to apply for part time jobs. But they're more f****** h*** than this f****** school. When I tried to apply for part time jobs nearby schools nobody wanted to hire me. WHY? Because I'M JUST A FOREIGNER! They always f****** say that "This is MALAYSIAN ONLY. NO FOREIGNERS." HOW F****** KIM JONG UN-LIKE SOCIETY IT IS. F****** N***. F****** FASCIST. F****** KIM JONG UN SOCIETY. No jobs are hiring foreigners! Even my friends from Dubai also underwent same matters, he applied for a part time job but rejected because he is just a foreigner! Even nowadays all employers put f****** words which are "NO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS".
I feel angry and f****** disliked to stay at Malaysia, so I myself decided to return to Nigeria. I even told all these matters to my parents but they didn't allow me to go back to Nigeria. They said that I only can return to Nigeria after I graduated at here. I STILL HAVE 2 YEARS LEFT TO GRADUATE.
Since last year I had completed my foundation programme, I had to apply for degree programme. But this time, the f****** Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia always rejects my degree visa. They even f****** adopted a f****** Kim Jong Un-like rule which is that "SENIOR STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STUDY AT MALAYSIA." They said that they will only f****** allow junior/children to study at here. Workings are almost NOT ALLOWED.
My father came from South Africa and grew up at there, where ever had a f****** law known as "Apartheid". Because he is just a African, he was almost bullied by the government and even white people. I could understand it. But this f****** things are happening in MALAYSIA. WE FOREIGNERS ARE ALMOST BULLIED BY F****** MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT. I even heard that f****** Penang state government even trying to kick out all foreigners. But even Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are also same.

By the way, f****** Malaysians always bully foreigners and international students. But think carefully, if you Malaysians come to our country or go to abroad like Australia, can you still claim yourself as "LOCAL"? What do you feel if you Malaysians come to our country but if we're very unwelcoming to you? THINK BEFORE YOU ACT.

LONG LIVE NIGERIA! From now I will unite with all international students and foreigners in Malaysia and let's boycott and insult Malaysia. A NEO-N*** COUNTRY THAT IS RULING BY ANOTHER KIM JONG UN. F*** Malaysia, if you always behave like that to us someday YOU WILL BE FALLEN INTO F****** H***. Nobody will like you because of your f****** behaviour. F*** MALAYSIA, THE MOST F****** UNWELCOMING TO FOREIGNERS.

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  • Those "locals" cannot afford to travel to another country for studies, like you can do. Every country has its "locals" who are mostly in cheaper universities, and "upper demographics" who attend Ivy league universities. That university was created to better the future of Malaysian "locals". Even Nigerian universities charge higher rates for international students.

    You were not a "local" in Nigeria, so you would have better classmates in an Ivy League Malaysian university.

    No matter how bad universities are in Nigeria, there is something about being in your own country.

    I am a Nigerian, in Nigeria who has interacted with Malaysians.

  • I know my country is s*** at treating foreigners well. Sometimes I'm embarrassed. But you don't have to be too hostile and aggressive to us. I hate our stupid government and the piece of s*** prime minister most of all. But it's where we Malaysians are born and you can't just say it's all our fault. Maybe it's the place, as some places in Malaysia are quite friendly. You should take a break and possibly go to other cities or region. Some of them are not so bad. I am incredibly sorry if I have offended you. But I can't stay quiet when I see someone mocking my country. I'm sorry.

  • The ladies are best hookers there

  • Any country nowaday has strict visa requirements, if you meet all requirements then there shouldn't be any problem. However, as you said you did some mistake but you blamed others.

    You missed classes without genuine reasons but blamed lecturers.

    In Malaysia, many local people are jobless how can they hire foreigners, unless you speak Malay as good as local people or you have special skills - getting jobs is very competitive.

    From your posting, it seems that your social skill needs some improvement. Then, you can have more friends.

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