Oh wow you traveled, what a superstar you are!

It's funny when people travel and feel the need to brag about it, write blogs on every moment and keep their travel guides around for show. No one really cares.... we are happy you are having a good time but we don't want to hear all the boring details.

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  • That goes triple for people who think the world wants to know every detail about their idiot spawn! At least with travel photos, there's a chance to see something beautiful or unique. Kid pics tend to consist of a squashy face smudged with something horrible or are obviously prefabricated and overly cutesy. Kids are getting to the age now where they're embarrassed or angry that their parents have no boundaries around sharing their images. Pretty sure Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon don't mind-- and are a lot nicer to look at anyway!

  • I actually love to hear people's travel stories - especially if they are funny. I like the Facebook pics too

  • I went to the beach for four days last summer. It rained every day. I only have a few pictures, but I guess I could share them.

  • Facebook envy

  • Definitely no but this made me laugh. :D I expected this comment.

  • It's a natural reflex in the mentally underdeveloped. Every single time a person rightfully calls out narcissism, there's always at least one fool who outs themselves by using the J word. They are typically deeply insecure themselves and project that onto anyone who doesn't worship every carefully filtered selfie they put up.

  • Couldn't agree with this more..I hate when people have the need to show me their vacation shots from so and so beach (as if sand is any different anywhere), or major cities where they take the typical tourist shots one can see anywhere online. And the stories.. "This is where my cousin Hal stubbed his toe and the waiter was so funny!".. "See this building? It was built by Hawaiian monks in 1852!".. I don't care! Same as you said.. Happy they had fun, but I don't need every, boring detail...

  • ^^totally!!^^

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