I'm over eighty and near death

Back in 1954, my best now deceased friend killed a pedophile with a lead pipe. The man was his brother in law and the man was going to trial for molesting my friends two nieces. The girls were the brother in laws step daughters.

The girls were seven and nine and in 1954 the penalty for child molesting wasn't as severe as it is today.

Louis took it upon himself to exact justice on his brother in law by bashing his brains out in an okra patch one day.

He was never arrested and he died in 2009.

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  • There are a lot of things about the 1950s that need to stay in the past, but bestowing effective justice on someone who deserves it is one of those things that should be brought back. I wish we could start with half the looney tunes polluting this site with their noise.

  • Justice is served

  • A pity that someone sees themselves as above the law and also that somehow murder is ok just because you kill someone who you think committed a crime.

  • You're a moron who has never been sexually abused. F*** you. The man did the right thing.

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