The Engagement

I knew when my boy friend was going to ask me to marry him because he arranged a special date at a fancy restaurant on a Friday night. I told the guys that I work with that I think he is going to pop the question. They said wow, wonderful and James asked me to phone him when I got home, no matter how late, and tell him the news.
We did get engaged and promised that we would not have s** with each other until our marriage night (we had been intimate in the past). He gave me the nicest diamond engagement ring and set a date for five months hence.
I was so excited that when I got home around midnight I forgot to phone James from work and give him the good news. However, just after midnight my phone rings and it is James. I tell him the news and he says it calls for a celebration and he had some wine he would like to share and will be right over and hangs up. I am in shock, but he is already on his way.
There is a knock on the door and I answer it and there is James with the bottle of wine and also Dave and Al from work each with a bottle of wine. Party time they all say in unison. They barge in and go to the kitchen to open the bottles and get glasses. After a few glasses of wine everyone starts to get pretty raunchy. They tell me this is my last time to party as you will be a married woman soon.
Before I know it, the guys have got all my clothes off and are feeling me up, kissing me all over and fingering me. I am beside myself. All three strip off their clothes and James gets me to take his rather impressive c*** in my mouth while Dave and Al get me to stroke their c*** to get them hard. All three have c**** that are considerably bigger than my fiance's.
I ended up sucking all three off and they all took turns f****** me in my soon to be married p****. I sucked them all twice and f***** them all twice. In fact we were still going at nine in the morning. At nine, I was sitting on Al's C*** white he squeezed my b****** and tweeked my nipples. I was sucking Dave's c*** and stroking James' c*** when the phone rang. James got the phone and handed it to me. I could hardly talk but somehow I answered it. It was my fiance wanting to go shopping for some wedding stuff. I told him I had woke up with a sore throat and just wanted to get some sleep. He accepted that because of the way I sounded. That was some memorable engagement. My fiance never found out.

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  • Thats so slutty and sexy. You should do it again and tell us all about it.

  • What a s***

  • Oh my, did you have the opportunity to do it again?

  • Yes I did and this time they took my virgin ass. Something my husband has never had.

  • That is so hot. What a nice memory to have before you tied the knot.

  • What clothea were. you wearing?

  • Shame they didnt fill your ass, u could have had all three in you at same time

  • Sounds awesome. I did a ex girlfriend after she got engaged. We ran into each other at a mall around xmas time. She told everyone all the details of their summer wedding on some island. I said I guess I will never have that tight p**** again. She smiled and said she was free till her fiancé was done at 10pm. We f***** like crazy for 3 hours

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