Straight? I don't know

Abused by other kids when I was young. Sexually. Then I saw my dads p*** all over. And I started masturbating over women ever since I was 11. I could not ever or want to be in a relationship with a woman but I still get aroused over them it feels like a taboo thing I guess which makes me o***** really good. I have never been with another female and even when super wasted I found myself in bed with men. One woman hit on me and I denied her. It's just a thing that I get off to. I wonder is it just that I'm perverted.

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  • I'm 60 busty and lesbian, I want you

  • If you start liking women emotional and physically, then I could say you are not straight. You might like both. Maybe you could be bi, and don't want to admit to yourself.

  • Mayb I am. Thank you guys!

  • You're not perverted. Or maybe you are, but it's not a bad thing in this case. I am a straight female, but I love gay man/man p***. Just be you. If you prefer men by all means be with men. If you like to get off thinking about that too. It's all ok!!! <3

  • Ah yeah. I also like seeing men with men. When I'm feeling in the mood and am alone sometimes. So maybe it's the "it's wrong" thing. When I'm not h**** and need to get off I don't care for any of it. I'm in love with a guy at the mo and never had any desire to be with a woman but i do fantasize to get myself off. Thanks for your response!

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