I hate my boyfriend

I hate my boyfriend. He's disgusting. He cheats. He thinks I don't know, but he does. We're having a baby and I couldn't be more disconnected from him. He hides everything, but goes through everything of mine. If I were to cheat on him, he would probably kill me and that's not a joke. He makes me miserable, to the point that I wish I would've never met him. He's a liar, about everything....including who he is. He likes to hit women and intimidate them into doing what he wants because he's not man enough to really take care of a woman the way she should and now I'm just stuck.

Jul 7, 2016

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  • And you just had to make a baby with this prime piece of dog meat WHY, exactly? All you did was squirt out a shiny new punching bag for him, especially if it's a girl. Stupid woman!

  • Men shouldn't have to take care of a women either that's sooo sexist lol

  • Leave him he's a b**** if he cheats and then gets p***** about the same thing He's a b****

  • Set a plan in motion to get out. You had a live before him, you can have a life after him. Unfortunately, because you are having a child with him you will be forever connected to him.. but that doesn't mean you have to date him. You will have to learn to coparent with him. But the hate and disgust you're feeling for him, turn that towards motivation to better your situation. It's evident, you cannot (or really shouldn't) depend on him. Maybe you shouldn't even have him be part of this child's life, he sounds dangerous. Get out!

  • I wasted so many youthful years with a Narcissist like that, now he doesn't bother with his child either, so I stayed because I thought my child needed a father, but in the end, he wasn't there anyways, never helped, spent very little time with our child, and now no time at all, not even a card once in awhile. You and your child deserve better. Kick him out, get housing if you have to. He will only get worse. Good luck

  • Hey sweetheart, did you use the word "child" enough times? God, another stupid cow who made a baby with a loser for... reasons. Not good ones, they never are.

    Have fun living in Section 8 housing and using your snot-nosed meal ticket to grab everything you can, because clearly you're lacking in intelligence.

  • Why don't you leave him?

  • Utterly f*****!

  • Why can't u just leave him?

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