No idea what to do

I just need someone to talk to I suppose. I don't have have any close friends. I have friends but none who will sit and listen.
I think, which is why it's weird, that I don't like my bf. We have lived together for 2years and have a 4month old some together and I love him but I don't like him. Is that possible? He does nothing. I know girls always say that about guys but he literally doesn't. He comes in from work and goes on his Xbox, tells me what to make him for dinner and goes bed. If he's on the late shift, he doesn't start till 2pm and he says he can't help with anything coz he needs to sleep. He will sleep from 10/11pm till 1pm the next day. I'm pretty sure he's upto something because if I go upstairs for any reason he panics and hides his phone. I love him to pieces and don't want to leave him but I can't stand hating him all the time. All I think about his throwing him out but I don't want to be without him. I've no idea what to do. Thanks for reading.

Jul 8, 2016

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  • This relationship sounds like it's close to being done, unless you do something to get him to become interested and proactive again. Otherwise, this is your life for what could be a long time. Were you guys like this prior to the birth of your child? If anything, I would hide the Xbox. The time he spends on the Xbox could be time he spends with you and his child. And seriously, who sleeps that much? They are very lame excuses for him not stepping up to his responsibilities. Regardless of what happens with you two, he needs to become a more active role as a father...because right now, he's failing. And if he's panicking when you go upstairs, yes he's cheating on you. You need to have a very serious discussion with your bf about the future together. They can no longer go on the way things are going on. You have some big decisions to make. Because your decisions no longer affect just you, they affect your child. You can stay in a dead end relationship or leave. You say you don't want to be without him.. but aren't you anyway right now? He avoids you at all costs. It's not healthy...

  • Start doing dinner just for yourself

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