A friend of a friend then old men

I was still in high school, I was a 17 year old virgin. I didn't think much about s**, I didn't really care about it. I knew some of my friends were having s** but they had boyfriends, I chose not to date, I didn't feel ready for it. I was asked to date by a few classmates they didn't attract me and a few were just trying to get me to have s**. I got a job at a butcher shop running the register and general cleaning. My boss, the owner was a warm respectful man, I never felt uncomfortable around him, he wasn't vulger, he wasn't a preditor. His son was a year older, we went out as friends, he too was very respectful and I enjoyed going to carnivals and a few concerts with him, I always felt safe with him and he never tried anything on me. We went to different schools, I didn't know anyone from his old school. He had concert tickets to see a popular band that his friend got for us him and another guy. The 4 of us 3 guys and me go to the concert and I find I'm very attracted to his friend I just met for the first time. He was tall handsome redhead with big muscular arms, very strong and very friendly. I knew I was safe with this guy hanging out with us, not that there was much to be afraid of, he was turning me on like I never felt before. I tried to get closer to him at the general admission concert, we wound up sandwiched together in the crowd. I grabbed his arm, do you work out I asked, yea he said I played soccer in school my coach made us workout or we got sidelined he said. Then he actually noticed me, he asked if I had a boyfriend. I said no, I'm not dating. He said why not your really nice looking and he ran his fingers through my hair. I began to sweat, he got to me. I asked what about you are you dating, no I havent dated much he said I never had a steady girl. I laughed and said I never had a boyfriend and we both laughed, I leaned over and kissed him, wow he said I never expected a kiss like that from a beautiful girl. I said you know I like you, would you date me, he smiled and kissed me. Neither one of us could kiss, no experience with it. After the concert I was driven directly home by these young gentlmen. I gave "Red" my phone number and asked him to call me. The next morning he was calling, I want to take you out tonight he said. I'd love that I said but you have to meet my parents, their protective you know. Sure he said. That afternoon he came over, my dad liked him, my mom did too. He was ok for me to date. We had a few dates and I was getting hornier everytime we went out. We kissed but nothing else and I wanted him to touch me, thinking do something I'm ready. We sat at the lake across town in his big old time bomb of a car. I went h**** on him, I was kissing him I put his hand on my t***, he picked up the cue and was feeling me up over my cloths, I wanted more so I took my shirt and bra off, he was surprised but went back to to feeling my bare t***. I started rubbing his c***, it was already hard and big. I wanted to suck on it, I only saw this in a p*** magazine with a woman with a d*** in her mouth, I wanted his in my mouth, I had a good idea what to do with it. He was shy about taking his pants off. I grabbed his d*** as fast as I could and I wanted to suck him I got it in my mouth I was working h****** him I wanted him to like what I was doing. He kept telling me to stop, I wasn't ready to stop and next thing you know my mouth and face were full of his c**. I wasn't thinking about the end result. I did find his salty spew enticing, I wanted to do it again not realizing he wasn't ready. No he said, it won't work for a few minutes after that. I want to do that to you ok, take your pants off. I took them off not knowing what to expect, not from a man, I did m********* and orgasmed before. He was like a machine on me, oh I came alright and real fast, his face and car seat were soaked in p**** c**. I told him not tonight but next time I want you to f*** me, I never f***** anyone and I want you to do it for me. He admitted he was a virgin too and dreamed about s** with me. It's no dream I told him we're going to f*** but you need a condom because I am not letting you impregnate me. A few days later when his parents were out we f***** for a few hours. We could not stop except for breaks. Red and I became exclusive, I fell for him and were together for a few years. We broke up. After Red, I turned into a s*** I f***** so many guys I lost count after 30 I loved f****** too much I f***** just to get a c** out of them and most couldn't satisfy me. The older they were the better they satisfied me, I f***** guys older than my dad. They knew what to do and liked making me c**. I'd pass by the guys my age, I prefered a rugged 50 year old guy over any 21 year old sexually and found they were easy to get. Some tried to pay me, not realizing it was hush money. I never took a dime, I just wanted to c**. Now I'm in theropy, I have s** issues at 35 yrs old. I still love s** and need to c** a lot.

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  • My my I am hard reading your story I knew a girl in high school I was 117 she was fourteen and she was the same way never knew why she loved s** so much at fourteen but kind of thought she was probably raped at a young age she would suck c*** an f*** then go to another guy an do the same over an over as long as there were guys around she would suck an f*** all of them wow wish you were here now girl i love to make you squirt your sweet juices an c** over an over what was bad about her she would suck c** out of my d*** an if a guy came up after we were done she would get out of the car an kiss the guy with my c** still in her mouth she didn't care I always wouldn't kiss her after I seen her do it after we f***** an i shot in her mouth

  • I would tie you up and f****** pound that p****. Make you c** over and over again as you scream my name. Mmm babygirl let me suck on your t***

  • I want to put my d*** in your sweet young p****

  • Let me f*** you and make you c** hard

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