Wife flirts on Girls Weekend

My wife went away on a bacelorette party with the mother of the bride. On the last day of the weekend, she drank all day and that evening the bachelorette party met up with a bachelor party and drank at their condo. My wife showed me lots of pics on her phone with her and each of the guys from the bachelor party. The last 5 pics on her phone were if her and one guy standing beside each other and talking with their arms around each other. Why does this turn me on?

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  • I have never been hornier than when my wife tells me about being hit on.

  • I would like my wife to do that.

  • This would turn me on too

  • Not bad stuff at those links!

  • Intelligent, respectful of women and well written -- all to emphasize the eroticism of it all.

    There isn't much on that blog. But clearly, the webmaster has standards that insist on quality over quantity. And you're right. Those links are not bad at all!

    Did you leave any comments on the articles?

  • Here are a few thoughts.






    Hope that helps. Enjoy!

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