Lick and kick em off.

Well i would prefer a young hot guy of 19-25 anytime over a old man of 40 because young guys sperm is flowing like a river and they are active and strong and lot of live ahead of them and clever and up with modern things compared to old wrinkled dirty old farts anyway. by 40 there sperm is less healthy and less flowing and they are dull and boring.young healthy sperm free flowing young sperm is better then old fart sperm. yeh i am 14 and men over 35 are past it they are old and boring for most fresh energetic vibrant girls like me and they are just boring daddy wallet use and take a toy boy on the side and then flog their money and leave the old buggers after a few years of marriage for the divorce money and move on to better young toy boy hot root. then the old b***** is stuck alone like a loser! hahahhaha

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  • Who the h*** cares and why are u telling us

  • A man wrote this get the f*** off this site u spammer piece of s***

  • 14 Huh that still doesn't explain why you talk about men like they're sperm producing machines.

  • Are you gay?

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