help me

i love my boyfriend alot and everytime i get depressed he suddenly gets even more so evertime i have a problem suddenly he has one 10 times worse 'apparently' and everytime i talk to him about it he gets emotional and just walks out of school, and sometimes i dont want s** but he will take it anyway despite the fact i say no other times he will insult me and my family quite badly then after wards when i ask if we can talk about it he insists that he is joking

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  • Hold on a minute. Did you say when you don't want s** he just TAKES it??? That's called rape honey!

  • agreed. dump his ass.
    he could GO TO JAIL for rape, if thats what he's been doing to you,. get out of that relationship, find a better guy than him.

  • Dump him. He doesn't care about you and he's too self-obessed to be a good boyfriend. And no one should EVER take s** if you don't want them to. That's called rape. Get the h*** out of that relationship because it's not good for you.

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