i met this girl about a week ago and everytime we talk she takes my breath away leaving me speechless and she is beautiful beyond belief and everytime i talk to her i try my best to make sure she smiles and when we arent talking i cant stop thinking about her and when i looked at her eyes i fell in love with them instantly but i guess what im trying to say is that i think im falling for her and i just cant resist the feeling......

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Good job so far... how are you going to proceed?

  • Holy s*** that's one long f****** sentence. Too bad I didn't read it. And save your "grammar police" bullshit for someone who gives a f***, no matter what any of you a******* say, when someone writes illegible s***, all it does it point out just how low their intelligence really is.

  • Do a ton of coke then after you are done with the coke and strung out find a n***** that's right I said n***** and make him penatrate your stinky hole with his giant n***** f*** stick.

  • Lovely! Don't resist anything. Enjoy (and good luck). . .

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