My Husband's Brother

My hubby is abroad and his younger brother who is now in university for his bachelors
.It started when he was still in college and started stocking me. He kept staring at me, use to touch my body every time deliberately.I, since was unable to have s** for long time started getting attracted and got motivated by his tries. My kids are too young (sons of 2 years and 4 years, except them only two other members at home Mother & Father In Law. house consists of five bed and a lounge, One mine, one for kids and one for parents in law, one is of my hubby's brother.
So, one day when my Mother & Father in Law went outstation to visit their relatives. It was at around 12 at night, when I felt someone entered my, (I usually keep door opened as kids sleep in other room, they might get awake).
so I felt someone entered my room, I was half awake so had the Idea he must be him. he started touching my body, and finding no resistance he starting entering his hands inside my cloths
I was sexually thirsty and aroused, so I liked his hand so much on my body, and allowed him to do whatever he wanted, and was enjoying.
I then proceed the session by removing his first and then mine clothes. we had foreplay for half hour almost, then I approached his p**** and jerking him off. he came with few minute of my strokes,I knew it was his first time so half hour foreplay kept his d*** hard and just my hands did the conclusion.I jerked him off because I knew he will arise again and in second session his timing would be much better. after couple of minutes kept laying beside me, his tool again got hard, and started the second session. which was quite better.
Now, we usually have sessions whenever we get enough space and opportunity. It started 4 years ago, when hes was in his early days of bachelors at the age of 18+, and I was 29y.

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  • Do u enjoy being a w****

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