Your birthday gift

You don't know it yet but when your birthday comes, I will be finally through with you. That's my way of celebrating your birthday. Bye bye to you.

Have a nice f****** life, j***.

Mar 19, 2012

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  • ok then mom,ill see u at the party thou . u still getting me a gift ?

  • I can beat this. I dumped my boyfriend on Christmas eve, and to torment him further, I slept with his two best friends. Boy was he p*****, lol. Served him right for being a p**** about buying me more gifts and calling me a high maintenance b****.

  • Damn! This women is awesome with the comebacks. I suspect her boyfriend is going to regret losing her fun and challenging personality and will be bored with women who won't hold a candle to all this woman brings to the table.

  • You are OBVIOUSLY a man of great discernment and awareness... my next boyfriend...step right up ! ;)

  • She sounds like the B word to me.

  • That's right... B for BEAUTIFUL, BOLD and BODACIOUS ! You nailed it ! (well, not NAILED it...)

  • Best birthday present of my life. I was fed up with your lackluster bedroom performance anyway. So good riddance!

  • It was lackluster 'cuz you STOPPED turning me on and became a pathetic excuse for a lover !

  • Ahhh, that was sweet. I'll blow out a candle in memory of our failed relationship.

  • Well that makes sense since you BLOW !

  • Well, excuuuuuuse me for trying to be nice!

  • Oh PUHLEEZ. You totally forgot HOW to be nice.

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