My 15yo niece

Two weeks ago, we went on a vacation with my wife's family. We got to the beach house first and settled in, then like usual my brother in law and his family arrived last. We were already down at the beach, when I see this hot girl walking towards me. It was kinda dark, since it was in the evening but I could make out that she had nice curves. I kept watching and to my shock it was my niece Kylie. Wow she grew up a lot since Christmas. She came up and gave me a hug and then kept her arm around my back as we chatted some. I fought the urge to keep staring at her chest and not her face. She asked about my business trip to Paris(she really wants to visit there). I told her that I will have to show her the pictures on my laptop that I took when I was there and I took some especially for her. She was excited, gave me another hug and ran off to play with her cousins.

Tuesday night is when my in laws drag the whole family to a all you can eat seafood buffet. I have gotten out of the long drive and lousy food because of getting bad food poisoning from there 7 years ago and have refused to do it again. This year my daughter(she is 18), an older nephew(19) and Kylie lobbied against going to the buffet since they don't eat seafood. My mother in law let stay home with me. My daughter and nephew made it clear they wanted check out the boardwalk area that they have never been allowed to go to. I told Kylie she could head out with them but she wanted to look at the pics of Paris.

After eating our dinner, we settled on the couch to look at my photos on the laptop. She was wearing a tank top and short jean shorts. She slid next to me holding my laptop and I had a my left arm around her shoulders. This gave me an excellent view down her top and her young full t***. We switched the computer to my lap, so I could point somethings out better and she turned under my arm, her head on my chest, my arm rested on her backside and her right arm was behind me and her left arm was resting on my thigh just inches from my c***. This put me over the edge. Feeling he t*** pressed against me, her left hand innocently rubbing my leg. I c*** began to harden. My left hand moving over her butt, playing with the top edge of her shorts. We finished the pictures and she turned her head to me and thanked me and asked why I took so many pictures for her. I told her that she was my favorite niece and so many things that I thought she would enjoy.

With really thinking I leaned on and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back, then we both pulled away. I apologized, She said I think there is more you can show me uncle tony. Her hand moved to my hard c*** and began running the outside of my shorts. We kissed again as I opened my shorts and pulled out my c***. I told her how to properly give a b******* and she did an amazing job listening.

She was getting me close to c******, so I stopped her and took us to the bedroom. Her body looked amazing as she stripped naked. Her young p**** was well trimmed and I went to the job of licking her to cummin. She kept telling me how amazing it felt and how her bf tried to give her oral and was not even close. I enjoyed exploring her tight young area with my fingers and tongue. I brought her to her first o*****, her walls clenched my fingers, she moaned wildly. I kept going trying to bring her to a second one and she told me she wanted my c*** in her so much.

I spread her wetness over her lips to help me slide in easier. She was so tight I slowly worked my way in. It was painful but she told me to keep going. With how tight she was and her moaning I was really turned on. I worked my c*** in and out of her, playing with her c***, till I felt her muscles start clenching. I began to f*** her faster and another o***** swept over her body. I could feel I was ready to c**. I pulled out and began to j*** off. She took over the jerking and my c** shot over her stomach and t***. We collapsed on the bed and she said now I know why aunt Lori married you. We kissed some and decide we better clean up before everybody got back. To be continued.

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