I like d you. I was so mad at me for this and still am a little.
I wanted to just f*** you - that impression I gave you.

I don`t like people. I find sometime something to admire or to be disgusted by in them, but I do not like them.
I never share. And I hate selfexplaining.
And then I`ve found myself explaining my actions and reasons to you!
Au naturrell, withouth any effort from you. I would know because I make a sport by fogging nosy people.
I was allways angry then.
At you, but mostly at myself.

the truth is

I think I felt KINSHIP?!
Sometimes misguided, but still.
I felt really f*****. All the time.

If I were a writer I would be telling you how I was attracted, absorved, f****** blinded by your youth.
I`m not a writer. I`ve taken my path a long time ago.
I say a clear F****** NO! to that. Again.

just to be clear

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