Brother-in-law's wife

This incident occurred last year. I was at my in-laws for a weekend as my mother-in-law was sick. My brother-in-law (my wife's brother) is in his 30's. His wife is a hot lady. I didn't have any sexual feelings for her until that visit.
One morning, I went out to see the farms that my in-laws owned and came back just before lunch. My wife and her mother had went to see the doctors with my brother-in-law. They were to return in late afternoon. Lunch was ready by the time I reached back home. It was me and brother-in-law's wife only, at home. We had lunch together and chatted for a while. It was the first time we got to chat alone. We both got along very well and shared jokes. The whole time it seemed she was thinking something. I asked her if she was worried about something or have any problem. I was shocked to hear her reply. She said: "I don't know how to say it. I just feel I am really attracted to you since the day I was introduced to their family. This is the first time we have got alone and I really want to take an advantage of this time. I just couldn't gather myself up to say this to you."
I was awestruck. To be honest, I had always liked her. She had a wonderful body, sweet voice and confident appearance. She continued, "I am really sorry if this offends you and I promise, I won't do anything to spoil our family relationships."
I was getting aroused by her confession. I really was not in my senses. I just stood up and held her in my arms. She hugged me very tightly. I held her face in my palms and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded with the wildest and wettest kiss ever. After we parted our lips, there was no turning back.
We ended up having wildest of s** then and there. After we were done, she changed the bedsheets and went to kitchen. I was feeling thirsty after this hot session. I went to the Kitchen to get myself a bottle of water. She turned to me and smiled. I lost control again and after having a little water, f***** her on the kitchen floor.
We had time for one more time at the least and we made full use of it as I f***** her in her bedroom as well.
We both were completely exhausted. I went to take a shower and took a nap after that. By the time I was awake, Everyone was back. We both have kept this a secret from our families and I really don't have any idea if we will be doing this again anytime in future.


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  • I am on the other side of the coin it is i that took my brother in law and i'm not sorry for it, don't get me wrong i know it is forbidden s**, but it is human and I'll do it again when i can. if i get caught that is when I'll deal with it but s** is healthy.

  • Load her pu55y with your c u m next time and see her breastfeeding your child

  • I wish I was your sister in law. That sounds amazing. Forbidden love is so hot. I think you should keep having s**.

  • Nice! My sister in law is also sooo hot and if that happened to me I'd have done the exact same

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