IUD Removed

There is a small group of 6 guys I regularly hook up with bareback. They don't know about each other. Then there is the occasional stranger I meet on tinder too. I had to have my IUD removed for medical reasons. I never told any of them because I didn't want it to end. I admit that it was exciting to take that risk without them even knowing. I went the first two months and didn't get pregnant until now. I was very late on my period so I got a tester. I'm officially pregnant. Now I'm nervous. If I think back on the timing, the father could be any one of 4 guys. If my timing is off, there are 8 potential fathers. I feel guilty even telling any of them. I see it as my fault and that I should burden it all by my self. But is that fair to them? Maybe they want to be a father figure. I wouldn't force it on them. I can financially handle this on my own, no problem, and I'm not interested in monogamy. I don't know how to do it.

Jul 17, 2016

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  • Listen to yourself! "Maybe THEY want to be A father figure"!? You can't have them all father the b****** at the same time! And you definitely have to tell them since you're gonna grow a belly now which will show anyway.
    Yes, this is your fault for not telling them about the IUD and wanting to "take the exciting risk" without them knowing. However, if you want to be fair to them then:
    1. Tell them!
    2. Have DNA tests done to find out who the dad really is.
    3. Tell him and let him decide how big a part of this he wants to be. I really hope for the kids sake that the guy wants to be a part of his life!

    All this is (of course) assuming you're planning on keeping the baby. It sounded like it on your confession, but you could always just have an abortion if you want.

  • Yes u r right

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