Pregnant but dont know the father

So just found out I’m pregnant but I have no idea who the father is. I have had s** with 6 guys in the week I would have got pregnant. It could be any of them. One of them is in prison, one just got charged with domestic battery for hitting his girlfriend in the mouth, two are best friend who are 17 and 16, one I don’t even know his real name just his nickname, and the other is the caretaker at my apartment who is like 52 and I was part of a 3some with his wife

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  • "Welcome to Crapsack World (Formerly Known as Earth), brought to you by Lots of Stupid People Who Don't Understand How Birth Control Works. I'm your host and field expert, Dumb Wh0re. Thanks for joining us!"

  • There needs to be more girls like you in the world

  • If a boy, name him Jerome and if a girl, Shaniqua. Doesn't matter who the daddy is.

  • That's pretty damn racist, dude. :(

  • Let them f*** you once again may be the baby inside will recognize the d*** of his/her origin

  • Sounds like you will make a “great mom”

  • Any of them black?? You’ll know when the baby comes...

  • It’s the wife!!! Lol

  • How did you have s** with the guy in prison? By mail?!

  • You should have simple said that you are a w****

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