The black bull

So ive been dating my gf for over a year and i recently introduced to cuckold and she loves it she was virgin at the time and became obsessed with wanting a big black bull to take her virginity she wouldnt let me f***.her at all she said my small white c*** wasnt worthy it turned me on but also made me mad irritated sad whatever so one day i found a guy online ten miles away we met up and they took off the minute we got home they dove right into f****** on our bed he slid in slow at first as to not hurt her sliding in and out for a while then he started to pound her she clung to him moaning and screaming this went on for hours switching positions she came twice and he hadnt once yet after 3 hours he started to build up he pounded her faster then ever before she screamed so loud i thought he was gonna pull out but he didnt he stopped pounding her and started to c** inside her once virgin p**** with deep thrusts i could see her stomach bulge from his c*** with each thrust he cummed and cummed as she moaned and clung to him again and she said i love you now aside from me litterally c****** in my pants i felt my heart sink she woild never f*** me ever he cimes over constantly now shes five months preggo and he still f**** her brains out i love it and hate it


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  • My fiancée is still a virgin, and my fantasies about her letting another man take her virginity is so f****** intense. It’s the only way I can get off. I get off so hard imagining what it would be like to experience the first moments of me permanently losing the chance to be my fiancée’s first. I want her to choose to let another man enjoy that permanent satisfaction. I want to imagine how it feels to him. I want to experience the humiliation of knowing his d*** was the first inside my fiancée’s p**** and her first time having s** is with another man.

    I especially want her to choose someone I absolutely hate to be her first, so she can really make the humiliation and jealousy absolutely intense.

  • This is my fantasy! Nothing gets me off more than imagining a bull take my fiancée's virginity. I want to experience all the humiliation and jealousy of knowing I have forever lost the chance to be her first.

    I hope the lucky bull gets absolutely turned on by taking her virginity. I want him to know my fiancée chose him over me. I want him to have a huge c*** and feel every corner of her virgin c***. I want him to feel her virgin c*** squeeze his c***. I want him to tell me how my fiancee's virgin p**** feels. I want him to feel her virgin c*** have its first o***** that's caused by a c***. I hope he makes her c** nonstop and stretches her open. I'll tell him to f*** Ming ruin her p**** for me, so that she'll f*** him in the future.

    I hope he gets off so hard taking my fiancée's virginity, as he becomes the first man to c** in her. I hope it's the biggest load he's ever made, so he can enjoy the extra sensitivity of his c*** to enjoy my fiancee's virgin c*** better. I hope he c*** as deep in her p**** as he can reach, so the last moments of it all, her virgin c*** spasms, contracts, milks, and squeezes out every drop of c**.

    I'll tell him about the other things he can be the first to do with her, too, (a***, rim, c** swallowing) that she refuses to do with me, so that she'll do them with him. I hope she becomes his s*** and only does a***, r******, and c** swallowing with him.

  • I think you need to marry this girl and provide for the many black children she is going to pump out.

  • So are there any updates?

  • Virgin means u literally can't be any worse at f****** than what u r in that state

  • Hah a virgin thinks someone's not worthy maybe get some experience first....virginity is worthless

  • It’s not worthless, if you’re a cuck and your woman is still a virgin.

  • You w*****, dump the b****

  • You love it as much as hate it. Isn't it. And you can't stop it or help it. You KNOW that now that she's experienced good s**, she'll NEVER give it up. So YOU have to continue accepting it. Big d*** will always get what it wants. And your woman will absolutely LOVE it.

  • If my 28 year old virgin fiancée gets f***** by a big d***, I know I’ll have to accept her always wanting bigger d****. It turns me on so f****** much to know how humiliated and jealous I’ll be when I’m constantly reminded of my fiancée prefers c**** that are bigger and better than mine.

  • ^This^ is the absolute truth.

  • And this is the natural order of things.

    A long, thick, pendulous, heavily-veined swinging d*** produces helpless submissiveness in everyone and awesome back-drag on women. This is Nature's endowment on those it intends to seduce wives and girlfriends.

    Nature under-endowed you with a small p**** for a reason. The reason you have a small p**** is that you will feel submissive and know that you’re supposed to step aside as a stud whose d******* alone can fill her whole hand, porks her as you never will.

    As an added payoff to ensure your ongoing submission and willingness to offer up your woman, Nature makes you extremely aroused by all this. You will get far more pleasure from watching this than you woman will ever get from having s** with you.

    You KNOW that these things are right.
    You KNOW that this is how it is supposed to be.
    You KNOW that your girlfriend SHOULD be told these things.
    You ache to tell her; but you’re terrified to do so. Your inability to level with her symbolizes your shame, insecurity and unmanliness with having a small p****.

    Above all, NEVER in your life have you heard anything more true.

    Go here for a fuller explanation.

    Then leave your own response.

    Oh yes, men have given me their wife's address for me to explain these issues to her. Can you imagine the angst they experienced when they knew I was doing this?

    Of course, I've had a guy or two give me the e-mail address of the stud that knew was interested in his wife. Any guess how that went? Go to that address. Leave a reply.

  • You are so right.

  • I would rather go sloppy seconds with a j******.

  • I'd rather go sloppy seconds with a j******.

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