I cant do this the constant turning in my mind is driving me insane i cant do this anymore every moment of everyday there are five different thoughts fighting in my mind and i cant talk to anyone out of fear i dont know why im scared but i am even with the cashier at the store i get really nervous that im gonna say the wrong thing

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  • Think your anxiety hurts now? Wait till you've been wrestling with it for over 30 years. Wait till it settles into your bones and wraps around you like an old leather coat that got too wet and was allowed to dry.

    That's why we "olds" laugh at you youngins-- yes, you are indeed feeling valid anxiety, pain, etc. But you insist on screaming to the heavens that no one, NO ONE could ever POSSIBLY know how much it HURRRRTS. Hah! You have only felt the tip of Life's d.ick so far, little ones. Either buckle up or get killed off early, because it DOESN'T get better.

  • What a completely awful thing of you to say. Yes i know that im not feeling that much pain im not an idiot and the fact that you degrade me as such is insulting. What i feel is still valid whether you like it or not, im sure at my age you probably thought something similar so how about you stop putting people down for what you can't handle and move on

  • Sorry reality is too much for you to handle, princess. You want to cry to the world but you don't want to listen to it. Your loss :)

  • The only writing no thing you could say to a cashier is "Give me all your cash", don't say that and no matter what you say it will be good. Laugh kiddo

  • I agree with the person 2 below - Stop giving a s***. Just live in the moment. I find that to calm my thoughts I wear plastic pants but don't c** in them. So during the day there is this tension that distracts me from all those random disturbing thoughts.

    Another thing I have done is wear a butt plug. Again it just focusses me.

    I have found that I can concentrate really well on whatever task I have at hand provided I have one other major distraction like the plastic pants or the butt plug. I did try pain like pushing a pin into my skin in my arm or leg but that was too much of a distraction. Maybe I just too soft and can't stand pain.

  • You have Obsessive COmpulsive Disorder. Go to a psychiatrist. They can help you.

  • That's not OCD. Unfortunately for *you*, there isn't a cure for stupid.

  • Just stop giving a s*** and don't worry about it. Just do it, that's what I did. And if people end up hating you for it, then f*** them, you don't need them. If they were truly your friends, then they'd love you regardless.

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