I cant do this the constant turning in my mind is driving me insane i cant do this anymore every moment of everyday there are five different thoughts fighting in my mind and i cant talk to anyone out of fear i dont know why im scared but i am even with the cashier at the store i get really nervous that im gonna say the wrong thing

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  • The only writing no thing you could say to a cashier is "Give me all your cash", don't say that and no matter what you say it will be good. Laugh kiddo

  • I agree with the person 2 below - Stop giving a s***. Just live in the moment. I find that to calm my thoughts I wear plastic pants but don't c** in them. So during the day there is this tension that distracts me from all those random disturbing thoughts.

    Another thing I have done is wear a butt plug. Again it just focusses me.

    I have found that I can concentrate really well on whatever task I have at hand provided I have one other major distraction like the plastic pants or the butt plug. I did try pain like pushing a pin into my skin in my arm or leg but that was too much of a distraction. Maybe I just too soft and can't stand pain.

  • You have Obsessive COmpulsive Disorder. Go to a psychiatrist. They can help you.

  • Just stop giving a s*** and don't worry about it. Just do it, that's what I did. And if people end up hating you for it, then f*** them, you don't need them. If they were truly your friends, then they'd love you regardless.

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