Secret life #2 - A wild night

I had been a call girl for a month and decided to do an out of town visit because I heard they pay double.I packed my bags and left for 10 days , I spent most my time in my hotel room because that is where all the action would happen and on my 8th night I decided to go out . I was walking down a busy street looking for a place to have a drink , Then suddenly I saw a male strip club . I have never been to one and given that for the last month I had only been sleeping with men for money I decided to go in and see what it's like to be on the other side of the exchange , I wound up getting pretty drunk and the guys kept offering me free dances (how could I say no ?) on the second dance I wound up in one of those booths bent over getting rammed harder then I ever have, Shortly after I was at the bar buying multiple strippers shots when one of them offered to come to my hotel room after his shift ,I quickly agreed when his friend asked if he could join us (ofcorse I said yes) About 5 minutes before the end of the show they tell me that they are going in back to get dressed and gather their things so we can head out , all of a sudden a song goes on , I remember the moment clear as day , it was Blue jeans from Lana del ray.The song starts a man walks on stage, this had to have been the most perfect man I had ever seen ,he looked like he walked right out of a Abercrombie fitch ad. He started very slowly stripping of his cloths and my whole body melted , I had never been so turn on in my life . The guys got back and were ready to leave but I couldn't I needed to meet him.
So they went to get the car as I watched this perfect man do the last set. When he finished I wanted so bad to talk to him but I was surprised when he right away walked up to me and asked if he could buy me a drink , I told him that two of his colleagues were outside waiting for me and invited him to come back with us and we can drink at the hotel he agreed . We walk out and the guys were parked in front of the door in a convertible mustang , I asked if they would mind if he came along and they did not hesitate to say Yes ! By the time we made it to my hotel all I could do was imagine what was about to happen , I was dripping at the thought . I had no time to offer a drink as all three of the began to undress me . They all f***** me at the same time and I began to squirt which at that point of my life had never happened, I felt a little embarrassed but all three of them loved it . We all went at it for about 3 hours until everyone came ,then I asked them to leave . The two first guys kissed me goodnight and left ,we never even exchanged names ,the third,the Abercrombie fitch asked if he could stay and he would leave in the morning ,He was the hottest thing I had ever laid eyes on so how could I say no.We both fell asleep quickly and when I woke up, he was just laying there looking at me sleep, I thought I was in heaven . He finally asked my name because I refused to give it to him the night before as I felt it was sexy that we were all strangers but I folded and gave it to him.We jumped in the shower together and had one last big bang before he left ,he kiss me sweetly and walked out .

A few weeks later he somehow found me on facebook and asked if he was to come to my city if i'd like to see him , I obviously jumped on the opportunity, about a week later he showed up at my house and within minutes we were both naked f****** on a chair in the kitchen , I asked him where he was staying while in the city and he said he was going to check into a hotel , I offered that he stay with me and he accepted . He stayed with me for the next 2 months as he worked stripping in my town . after the summer was over he had to head back home because he was starting university and asked me if I wanted to come along , when we arrived I hadn't realized I was about to meet his whole family but they all seemed to love me . At this point he still had no idea what I did for a living because I had been avoiding the subject but given his work I felt I should tell him ,he seemed ok with it at first but as that week went by he distanced himself .After 8 days on his parents farm it was time for me to go back home so I jumped on a bus, After that we didn't speak for a few months and in spring he messaged me asking if I would go to a wedding with him down south.I was thrilled to hear from him and quickly agreed to go ,we met in Dominican as we were flying out of different airports and I believed that maybe he invited me so we can start dating but as I soon found out he had invited me because most of his friends thought he was gay because he had never introduced a girl to any of them , And what better way to prove you're not then to be accompanied by a hot redhead. I was his beard and to me that was ok until he stopped f****** me . Now we send fb messages once every six months just to say hi . I still dream of painfully hard c*** some nights . Summer xo

Jul 19, 2016

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